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Howdy Springtime to you! 

I’m really looking forward to this concert featuring all the songs on my first album, Run This Way Forever. I did this three years ago and it was one of my most fun concerts. Stories just happen to come up when I go back to this era in the early days of Yellow Windows, By a Friend, Raining Away, Run Like the River Runs and all the rest. And I know that for many people around the world, these early songs hold a special place and spark memories and experiences from a beautiful time in all our lives. 


I am near finishing a couple of my new songs and hope to sing those as well. I can promise you an evening of sweetness, heart warming songs and stories, and a lot of laughter too. I hope you’ll join us for my last online concert until late next fall. ~ Michael 


     Quotes from past Zoom concerts ~ 


“This is the medicine! My words cannot capture or fully describe the wonder last night!” 


     “What a concert tonight! I’m still flying on the magic carpet, not sure if I can sleep!”


“Michael, your concert made me feel like you invited us all into your living room with you!”


sold out

           Tickets are available to purchase until 4 p.m. Pacific on Saturday. YOUR ZOOM LINK WILL BE EMAILED to you. 

          Please check your Inbox and if you have not received your link by 4 p.m. Pacific on Saturday, email me by 4 p.m.                 Pacific on Saturday.


           NOTE:  If you'd like to buy a ticket for someone who can't afford admission, add that number to your total.  I'll pass it on as your gift.

           If you wish to gift tickets to specific recipients, go ahead and purchase, then email me to arrange delivery with a message from you.

           Please, no refunds.  If you cannot attend, you may give your ticket to a friend by emailing me their name and email address.

Email me any ol' time at

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