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My friends, I’m so pleased to make available
my first collection of spoken word meditations. I’ve been working on these for a few years now and began by first making meditations to help friends who were going through difficult circumstances, anxiety, illness or stress, some who were having a hard time falling asleep. In each case I found that my meditations helped. And so I began to build off of the love I shared in trying to assist my friends in creating this collection for every one.

I often meditate an hour or so, but I found through experience that most people are not going to start with that kind of commitment. So I started with shorter meditations; long enough to truly calm and clear, short enough to not seem like something you would always need to put off. Some of these come in two lengths so that as you grow you may want to use the longer version sometimes. I can tell you that you will discover over time that the longer you stay in that quiet inner space, the more it will feed your life with feelings of gratitude and well being. Yet, if you only stay forever with ten minute meditations, I know for certain that your life will be better.

While I had meditated off and on in my life through the years, it is in this last five years of frequently listening to guided meditations that my life has changed, evolved and become so much fuller and lighter. It really happens, my friends. You will start to feel lighter day to day. In fact, when you meditate, and your thoughts lessen to where there is more space where frantic racing thoughts usually fill your mind, light will automatically pour in. There are actual brain scans which show this happening, measuring over the days as a person starts to meditate and then continues to. It’s astonishing that you can see the brain and body lit up with more light. You begin to accumulate light and that changes everything. Your mood and feelings of well being, your health, your level of brilliance in all areas that you engage. But most of all, I have found more connection with life and other people. I care more, I feel more grateful and I marvel more at the wonder of Life.

This collection comes with an introduction to help you start. And if you’re a long time meditator, I believe you’ll enjoy new facets of the experience that will open for you. At my Meditation Gatherings, I’ve had many experienced meditators tell me that they left there seeing meditation in a new light and were excited to practice it with those new perspectives.

If in your process you sometimes wish to ask me something, anything, just email me and I will do my best to share insights and experience. And I am always writing online about meditation and life, sharing the endless aspects that I feel called to share with everyone around me. Thank you for reading this and visiting my website.

Much peace and many blessings to you,
~Michael Tomlinson

This recording is easily the length of a double CD. All of these titles will not fit on a CD, which technically only can hold almost 80 minutes of audio. I have not decided how I will configure yet, just know that any meditation that is not on your CD, will be emailed to you. All CD orders receive a free Download of the entire album.

  • Run Like the River Runs - 2 versions, 12 and 21 min
    This meditation is an extension of my song of the same name. Since my first album came out I 1985, it has been a song that many thousands of people have cherished and used as a touchstone. It came to me surrounded by trees in the Cascade Mountains and in this meditation I have added wind through the trees to soothe and inspire you and mesmerize you into your true nature — which is as much a part of Nature as boulders and rivers and trees and meadows. Just be present, be in that place where the wind makes the leaves sing. That is enough. In the open places where I am not speaking, imaging yourself spilling over the confines of your body and expanding into everywhere. Your imagination is powerful, there is no limit.
  • Hope Whispers / A Good Life - 2 versions, 10 and 16 min
    This meditation is based on the music and message of my song, “A Good Life”, which so many people tell me is a spiritual, emotional, hope filled touch stone for them. “To all you souls who’ve lost your hope, when the world you dreamed about is falling down. . . “ My intention is again to bring you into Nature and to use music to help you flow in that space. Your hope has not passed you by. When you bring meditation into your life on a regular basis, you are going to be surprised where you start to see hope. It will show up everywhere.
  • Peace in Traffic / Breathe It In - 6 min
    This non-meditation makes me smile. Partly because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song! It’s my song, “Breathe It In” from my House of Sky album. I say non-meditation because the last thing I want to do is to cause you to go into a trance behind the wheel. This one is to keep on your phone and use like a tool. Lighten your mood, give you a better perspective and help you to drive in safe ways when you’re in frustrating traffic.
  • All Good Things - 21 minutes
    This is my newest meditation, based on a friend’s request for a meditation which would include something hopeful and calming that would enhance creativity and inner brilliance and a sense of deeper, soulful connection to Life. It was a wonderful guide for me as I allowed these words to come through, resting upon a magnificent piece of music I had commissioned from a man in Nepal who goes by HealingHz. Seriously.
  • The Prayer of Sleep - 10 min
    A lush and beautiful dreamscape for falling calmly and peacefully to sleep or just drifting in the inviting oasis of music and surf and gently spoken words.
  • Music of Water and Wind - 21 min
    An oceanside landscape of falling surf, magnificent Koshi Wind Chimes which are so pure in tone that they bring feelings of peace instantly. An invitation to make a deeper, more soulful connection with all living things, with water and wind and the feelings in your own heart.

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 The new release!
Breathe the Sky
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   NEW: Online Meditations via Zoom     Full Details & Registration

   Michael Tomlinson’s Mentoring Meditation  
Will include a short guided meditation recording which I’ll email you.
Please purchase your choice. I will email you within a day to set up our first session.
  Three Sessions ~ 1 forty-five minute and 2 thirty minute sessions - $250
  Eight Sessions ~ 1 forty-five minute and 7 thirty minute sessions - $500
  Please, no refunds. If you cannot use your sessions,
Email me about the possibility of allowing someone else to use them.
     Custom Spoken Word Meditations    
  For several years I have been creating custom meditations for my friends, perhaps one needed help going to sleep, another was going through great anxiety, another through loss or illness. Because I know and love them all, it was the most natural way for me to learn about creating something powerful and gentle and uplifting. I can do this for you too.
  What I do; After settling on what purpose I have with a certain meditation, I will choose a background that I love, most of which I’ve created.  A gentle bed of music with sounds of weather and natural elements. I then record my spoken words, my headphones on, so I’m immersed in the world of the meditation.
  Because the music/nature background is such meticulously time-consuming work, I will offer only three lengths -- approximately Five minutes, Ten Minutes, or Twenty Minutes.
  If you wish to order one, purchase your choice and then email me a short message  about some of the content you are hoping for. I will put my heart into it.
    Five Minutes ~ $100  
    Ten Minutes ~ $150  
    Twenty Minutes ~ $200  
     In Person Meditation Mentoring   
  I do offer in person sessions, but they are longer than phone sessions. Each session includes talking in conversation up to an hour before a meditation, then we meditate between 45 minutes and an hour. Then we may talk another 30 minute to an hour coming out of the meditation. Two and a-half hours has been common in the sessions I’ve done. They are powerful sessions and very effective, I have found. But there is the added dynamic of deciding location and arranging a time that works for both of us. Also, because of the time involved, I will not be offering many of these.

However, if this calls to you and you wish to explore in person meditation mentoring, the fee will be $250. Just email me and we’ll see if this is something that we wish to make happen.

Testimonials Questions My Own
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