How to Use My Meditations

I create my meditations with the hope and intention that you will listen with ear buds or headphones. I’ve never had a single person who tried that, who did not exclaim that it was SO much better than over speakers. It’s richer because you are more fully immersed in the world of nature and music and softly spoken words. To become immersed in any meditation is a good idea. That is what helps you to focus, to slowly lose the constant racing thoughts we think of as normal, and to come to a calmer, quieter place in your heart and mind.

If you have not meditated before, you are in for a beautiful surprise. You will come to the end of these meditations somewhat spaced. In a bit of a trance. That is a good thing. That means you were altered by the experience and in that process you have found your heart and mind more open. Nothing is as easily defined intellectually because in such a place you are more filled with wonder and feeling than reason. Revel in this and do not worry that you’ll lose your practical, critical thinking capabilities. They will all increase because of this new practice of yours.

Sit comfortably in a place where you’re warm. Put in your ear buds. I like to wear dark glasses too. It just keeps me more present. As you hear me breathe, do not think you need to match my breaths. They are just a reminder, a calming gesture which can remind you to breathe and keep fluid as you listen. For now, do not worry about what people may tell you is the proper way to breathe for meditation. That difficult requirement has set back and discouraged millions of would-be meditators. Just remember this; All breath is sacred. All breath is a miracle. So breathe as you will.

You may wish to listen to only a part of a meditation. Maybe you’re not ready for 12 minutes or 20. So listen as long as you feel drawn. And then the next time you listen, if you can, go a little bit longer. There is huge value in staying with meditation for longer times. But there is greater value in becoming a steady meditator. So that is what we are focusing on for now. How may I help you to want to meditate? That question is my focus intention, finding ways to do that. And it’s why I put so much loving care into creating environments that will call to you for their beauty and music and natural elements — as much as for my voice and message. Just listen to it all, that is presence. Presence is where we actually live, but have not often remembered it.

Sometimes, at the end of a meditation, you are in such a peaceful space that you want to stay there after the music has ended. Do that, just enjoy the silence and revel in the joy of living inside a deeper place than you are used to being. Many gifts can come in that space.

I am truly grateful and excited that you are beginning to meditate — or renewing and continuing to. And I sincerely hope that my collection will help you to stay with it.

Your friend  ~Michael


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