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"Michael, you have a way of speaking to a beginner, as well as a long time meditator. You take away the difficulties of breathing precisely this way or that, of sitting a specific way, and you get right to the core of the idea of what it’s about; giving your attention and focus to the present moment by way of guided meditation. I wish I’d had your guidance — and your meditations — when I was first starting out, because the difficulties of “getting it right” would not have frustrated me so much.
 ~ Barbi S.

I have been doing mentored meditations with Michael for a few months now after dabbling with meditation off and on for about 20 years. I started with some of Michael's 10 minute meditations for a year or so, but the one-on-one individual mentoring has taken me on a journey to an entirely new place of peace, love and joy and meaning to life.

When he says he is willing to meet you where you are, he really is! He listens intently, and gently helps you through hurdles. We all have them — stress, anxiety, busy schedules, finances, news, emotions of our past. A few of the benefits you receive are simply just a better you, which enriches your relationships, you can forgive old wounds, cleanse emotional barriers, find yourself less harried, and you will find yourself enjoying your life in a richer way, from a place of gratitude, wonder, and peace.
~ Debra K
I've been talking with Michael about meditation for three years now. When he says “I Meet You Where You Are,” that is pure truth. I’m a very busy man with a huge workload and it is difficult to set aside ANY time at all for relaxation or rejuvenation. With Michael’s encouragement I began by simply taking ten minutes a few times a week. Instantly I felt less stress, less anxiety. I asked him to create something specifically for me. A few days later he emailed it to me. I’ve listened to that meditation and some others he’s shared now, the last two years. I think I’d be lost without it, actually.
 ~ Frank M.
When one shares the beautiful depths of one's soul the way Michael does, it helps us to get in touch with our own. His guidance in meditation inspires me, his insights bring soul nourishment. What he gives us to ponder helps me to become more grateful in my life. His meditations, songs, stories and insights have helped me to have a better life.
    ~ Donna T.
       Littleton, CO
Dear Michael,

Pondering words to attempt to describe how I feel after listening/meditating - “still glowing” is what comes up. What an interesting & soothing & enchanting collection of sounds - the ocean, the rain, the bells - felt I was right there beside the ocean and you were my safe & gentle guide. Your message is clear & profound - to be here now, present. Your voice is very tantric & sensual & my body felt amazing as the sounds washed over me. I felt light & free & beautiful. The sound quality is excellent and I will always try to use earbuds in the future!

Everyone who hears your meditations will become a little lighter & more present & peaceful & hopeful, I know it. That is the effect it has on me. I certainly sleep well at night.
    ~ Kathleen O.

I have a story to tell you. A year ago you came to our city for a concert. My wife and I attended and loved every minute of it. That night you spoke of meditation, talking about it here and there, throughout your concert. Something shifted for me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I have had a lot of anger in my life. It’s always been there and I never understood why. Yesterday my wife said to me, “What’s going on with you? You’re happy! You’re never happy.”

I said, “remember what Michael Tomlinson was talking with us about? The meditation? I’ve been meditating ever since.”

It was hard at first, I struggled with it. But then something changed and I began to feel lighter. I started to laugh more and feel less burdened by my emotions. All I know is that your words were the spark that guided me here and I want to thank you with all my heart.
   ~ Peter J.

I feel very blessed to have your guidance with meditation. And I love the meditations you’re creating. There was a rare moment of downtime yesterday. A storm was raging around me while I sat on my back porch under twinkle lights. The wind circled around me and my fountain was going. The sound of my fountain, the wind and my own chimes merged an octave or two deeper with the sweet sounds and kind words of your meditation and it was really quite magical. When your meditation finished I was able to continue to sit with my eyes closed and continue with the experience as I slowly came back to the moment. It was a blissful time. I highly recommend everyone listen while in the middle of a wind storm!
   ~ K. H.

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