Custom Musical Video
from MT

I知 looking forward to creating a music video for your friend or loved one. If you would like to be able to email it, email servers will not allow large attachments, so we値l need to go with a shorter video, a verse or chorus, a nice greeting, then more singing and well wishes at end. I致e done lots of these and they come out very enjoyable.

If you wish me to video a full song, I can稚 email it to you, but I can upload it to a special private Youtube channel that I値l set up so that only you値l have the code. You値l be able to share that code with family and friends so everyone you invite can see it.

I will be emailing you before I create your video, so we can work that out together.

Maybe the greatest thing about this is that it痴 one of the most unexpected, unique gifts you could ever give someone. Yours will be unique to you and your loved one. No two will ever be the same. I知 really glad you got in touch and asked me to create something special for someone you love.
     Thank you

# of Video Messages

x $250

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