Trace The Sky
The title song of Trace the Sky came from long, quiet visits to Bell's Beach on Whidbey Island in Washington's Puget Sound. In fact, many of these songs were at least partly written in that peaceful place. It is another collection of songs that blur the lines between genres. The writing seems to the the theme that joins jazz and folk and rock and country.

The jazzy, upbeat Desert Rose was written in New Zealand, during an autumn when Michael hiked and kayaked and wandered backroads and villages near Purau Bay. The opening song, Choices, talks openly about his decision to leave the music business and the price he had paid in doing so; "Had to make my break with LA / Another record deal was too much strife / My career just blew away / What a shame, but I got back my life."

The song, Already Miss, ranks as one of the most achingly beautiful little gems of romantic longing he's ever recorded. And Write Me a Letter is a delightful, poetic, folk-rock invitation for two old friends to renew their correspondence and get to know each other again.
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