~How YOU can sponsor a Song Download~ ~How YOU can sponsor a Song Download~ ~How YOU can sponsor a Song Download~

Last fall I began giving away the occasional song to anyone who cares to visit my website and download it. I was really surprised at the response; over 4500 folks turned up to listen or download the song from that month. So every six weeks or so, I've been posting another one and the downloads and listens have run between 2500 and 4500 most months.

I decided to sell sponsorships for these downloads, believing that the folks who listen to my music would be a valuable audience for potential sponsors as well. If you know and love my music, maybe you'd like to share your work with a few thousand like-minded folks by buying a sponsorship.

It's very important to me that I respect my listeners and not overwhelm them with ads, so I care what products or services I'm aligning with. I don't have any hard rules, just my sense of what would work well with what I do.

So far, these have been some of my sponsors in the last year:
     The Green Brush - Eco Friendly Painting
     NW Reconnective Healing
     Personal Safety Nets
     WhaleTails Chips
     Dr Cat's Helping Handbook
     Cynthia Chomos, Feng Shui Consultant

You may benefit from being seen by my audience if you:
1. Create art that you wish to sell
2. Have written a book or released a musical album
3. Have a service to share
4. Wish to sell something
5. Have a house on the market and need more exposure
6. Have an event, a concert or gathering of some kind to publicize

My sponsorships are $600 for a banner and link to your site. If anyone comes to my website to download my song, when they click to download, your sponsorship will come up. We will post you in an attractive way, using your logo or images from your site when possible. Your song will be up at least one month, sometimes I leave the same song up for longer if downloads are still frequent.

As always, I'm open to creative alternate ideas, even bartering for a portion of my fee. Just let me know what you have in mind and we'll explore it together.
Your friend,
  ~Michael Tomlinson