Run This Way Forever
This is the debut album, the one that opened doors all around the U.S. as one of the most successful independently released records of the day. Run This Way Forever was long anticipated in Seattle, and when it came out it sold over 15,000 copies in the first few months, an unheard of accomplishment for an independently released album. This was still in the days of LPs and cassettes, just before the music industry began it's move to CDs.

A beautiful album of story telling, with gorgeous melodies and bright, intelligent songs, jazzy pop to uptempo folk-rock and hauntingly beautiful ballads. Run Like the River Runs and Yellow Windows, Raining Away and Asphalt Dream became known in cities all over the country and are still requested at concerts. Initially, in 1985, this record was released only in Seattle, then to a handful of alternatively run stations around the U.S. the next year. At every single one of those stations, from Orlando to Baltimore to Santa Fe to Casper to San Francisco, San Antonio to Fairbanks, this was the number one requested album of the year in 1986.

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Acoustic guitars and vocals - Michael Tomlinson
Bass - Chuck Ubben, Steve Allen, Tag Henning
Drums - Ricky Lynn Johnson, Tony LeDonne
Guitar - Daryl Redeker, Brian Dina, Mathew Horton
Classical guitar - Eric Tingstad
Percussion - Mario Harris
Cello - Terry Benshoof
Piano, keyboards, synths - David Lange
Accordion - David Lange
Harmony vocals - Carol Ashley, Michael Tomlinson
Saxophone - Doug Reid

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