(collection of past Homepage greetings and stories)
Summer 2016  thru  Autumn 2016

 Summer 2016
Howdy my friends, It’s here! House of Sky, my new 16-song, full band album. Some of the most beautiful and inspiring songs of my life are on this album and it was truly one of the most enjoyable recording experiences I’ve ever had. The arrangements we created and the songs themselves made my months in the studio a pleasure. In fact, I was sad to let go and finish, but of course it was time to share them with you and to release them into the world. So many people helped me
to create this album by being a part of my Kickstarter crowd funding campaign last summer. That was a profoundly moving 60 days. I had no idea how much energy and creativity I would express every day of the campaign. It was emotional and fun and daunting and exhausting all at once. I felt very loved by people cheering me on and sending love and prayers and who took part. You can read about this on my Tribute Page and read the names of those who took part. Just Click Here.

For now, I hope you will listen to the songs and soak them in. Itís a very long album, 70 minutes. Let the melodies and phrases and notes and pauses move you. Like you might allow a cool breeze to flow over you and take in all the freshness of it, I hope you will do something similar with my songs. They are more than songs. There is light there and love. There are insights and reminders. I believe with all my heart that if you listen when you are troubled, you will feel lighter. If you listen when you feel stuck, you will start to open and allow. And when youíre happy and balanced, it will just be more of a celebration of that.

Sharing my music: The more you share word of this album with others, the more you will help me to succeed in spreading it around the world. I hope to find many creative ways to actively promote this album for a year or two. Itís always new to he who has not yet heard it. If I can open doors by getting people to post stories about the songs, testimonials and recommendations, it will start to interest more people. And then you never know what can come. It could open doors for concerts all over the country and the world. It could create opportunities for these songs to be used in Television and Movies, played on radio stations and streamed on Internet stations. The possibilities are endless and that is how I am envisioning it.

Daily Meditation; Something that was a huge part of my recording of this album and writing of many of the songs, was that I have been regularly meditating for a year and a half now. I cannot begin to tell you how much creativity can flow through you when you are in touch with your Soulís Expression. Which is what happens when you quiet your thinking and allow space in your mind for the brilliance of Life Itself to flow through you. I felt like there were sparks happening in these songs, in the lyrics and melodies and in our recording ideas, which came directly from my taking time to move into silence daily.

Also during this time I began to record my own guided meditations. Short ones for my friends, that I feel may help people to get started who are unsure of how to meditate. Iíll be making some of those available in this coming year and making more over time. Please be sure that youíre on my mail list so I can send you notice of these and let you know when Iím doing concerts around the country. Click Here to sign up. By the way, this is private. I never share your information.

Thank you so much for reading this, for visiting my website and for listening to my music. I hope some of you will feel moved to buy copies of House of Sky for friends and family. If you can think of how my music has touched you over time, how it has accompanied you through parts of your life like a good friend, just imagine that you could be responsible for bringing that kind of comfort into someone elseís life. House of Sky is that kind of album.

I wish you much peace in your heart and I hope you are delighted with my songs and the many, many facets and moods of House of Sky. Write me and let me know.

Your friend in breezy Seattle,

~Michael Tomlinson

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Autumn 2016
Howdy my friends, we have had the most spectacular ending to summer ó which is to say that itís been like fall here in Seattle since mid-August, breezy and cool, yet sunny amber afternoons and evenings. Iíve been riding my bike almost every day, something I have not done with this much regularity since my late 20s. What a joy it has been to reawaken those feelings of flying and freedom that I remember as a boy when Iíd cut loose and weave my way down sidewalks and alleyways with the Texas wind in my hair and grasshoppers in my teeth. No grasshoppers here, but itís still fun.
In the months since Iíve been sending out my new CD, House of Sky, I could not have asked for or dreamed of a more beautiful response, from teenagers to people in their nineties, it keeps coming back to me that there is so much life in these songs that they bring alive good feelings and a sense of hope and well being in those who listen. Iíve done several friendly radio interviews in support of House of Sky, and more are coming soon. At the bottom of this rambling youíll see a link to a couple of them.
PLAYING CONCERTS AGAIN; Iím getting started performing concerts again in October and November, beginning with a concert Iím producing in West Seattle at a very resonant lodge at rustic Camp Long. I have been exploring the idea of taking my concerts into more of the realm of a one-man show. Yes, Iíve pretty much done that all along, with my stories and humor and songs, but I am experimenting with adding video and slide shows and possibly some other elements. I need to do something that excites me, and this feels like something that can grow and evolve and keep me exploring my own creativity and inner evolution in a way that I hope will have value and meaning in the lives of the folks who come out to see me.
I will start to play some concerts around the US as I can afford to do so and as Iím offered concerts. I have a couple of shows in Southern California coming up, one is private, the other is at the legendary CoachHouse in San Juan Capistrano, on November 6. I will probably look toward Colorado next, unless other offers come in. If you have personal contacts at a venue you realistically think would work for me, please let me know.
PRIVATE CONCERTS; I still do a handful of private concerts every year and they have really helped me to survive over the years. People hire me and fly me in to their town for a concert for their own family and friends and community. Some of the most rewarding concerts of my life have been these and they make it possible to keep going, writing, recording and performing. My private concerts are generally in the $5000 range, some a little less, others a little more. Iím open to negotiating and you can read about hiring me by clicking here.
GATHERING OF FRIENDS; I also plan to do another Gathering of Friends retreat, probably a one day event, or two, in the springtime. I will send out early notice. These are a joy to come to and very rich in inspiration and a feeling of community and belonging. They always take a new shape and I allow room for that, less concerned with having a specific plan than with being very present to what comes up once weíre all gathered. I just know that there is always a LOT of laughter and much conversation and music that inspires.
Iíve been looking for a good blog site to use. Almost every day I post some insight, story, essay, bit of humor on Facebook. My page is purposefully wide open so that anyone may stop by. You donít have to be a ďfriendĒ to visit. But Iím aware that many people just donít like to go to FB or are afraid they may be contaminated by doing so. Thatís why Iím looking for a blog site. I want to find one where i may click a button and whatever I post on FB will automatically go to my website and my blog site. When I figure this out, Iíll let you know.
THANK YOU for stopping by. It really matters to me that you check in on me and I so appreciate your support with my music. My success with my Kickstarter campaign made possible the most beautiful album of my life. Thank you all for that, whether you took part or just sent good vibes. I hope youíre well this autumn. Please take some time every day to sit quietly and take some deep breaths. Those spaces you create where your life pauses and your thinking slows, will be the portal where many, many gifts will flow to you. I am seeing that in my life.
   Donít forget to be gentle with yourself, youíre just a dang human bean, after all.
   Your friend in breezy Seattle, ~Michael Tomlinson
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 ~ How You May Help Me Get the Word Out About House of Sky ~  
Every day I do something toward getting my songs heard or reviews written, interviews set up. I think of this album as something that will swell slowly, not an album with hit songs, but something that grows as people share friend to friend around the world. I'm going to list some ways you can help me if you wish to.
  1. Buy CDs and downloads - through my website ideally. But really, anywhere you choose.
  2. Tell Your Friends - If you know these songs and love them, one of the most helpful things you could do is to write a note to your entire email list, telling them in your own words why you are so moved to share my music with them. In fact, I would be pleased to email you one of the songs that you could include in the email to each of them. If you're unfamiliar with how to email a song file, I'll show you how. It's easy. Or if you wish, tell me who to email and I'll send them a song myself.
  3. Write on Facebook or any social network about House of Sky. Always include a link to my website so they can find me.
  4. If You Know Someone Who May Write About My Music, online or in printed press, please let me know and I can send them the album or a download.
  5. If You Have a Personal Connection to a Venue, Concert Series, etc., and can get the booker personally interested, that could be hugely helpful.
  6. Hire Me for a Private Concert. My private concerts really keep me going each year. They are in the range of $5000 ~ variable to the situation and season. I know of course, that most cannot afford that. But fortunately, I do two or three of these each year and in every case I've ever known, the person who brought me in felt like it was so worth it for what we created for their loved ones in their home, or patio or back yard or wherever we gathered.
  7. Put Together a Concert for a Worthy Cause. If you can get sponsors to support the show, we can often give every penny of ticket sales to a worthy cause.
  8. Go to iTunes and other paid download sites and leave happy reviews of my albums.
  9. Let me know about any independent radio stations you're aware of which might play my music. I'm not servicing CDs in mass to stations, as that world has long passed, once commercial radio was deregulated and bought up by corporations. But there are public and community and college stations playing me and many Internet stations around the world. I'd love to find out about more.