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Howdy my friends, itís a chilly springtime here in the NW. After a cold rainy winter. Ooh. Iím not complaining. In my youth I always loved autumn the most. It meant newness. It was melancholy, which every child understands. September was a new school year. new corduroys, new classes, new girls to have a crush on and never have the courage to talk to. Surely you remember. But in the last couple of decades I have grown to really appreciate springtime. I think itís the hopeful way we are shown that life emerges again and again, despite the long winter. There hasnít been a springtime in twenty years when I havenít felt grateful, looked around at it all and exclaimed, ďWell hey! Iíve lived to see another spring time!Ē

Itís been almost a year now that I have been hosting classes online on Zoom called, Breathing Into Your Life. Early on in the pandemic, I told a friend, ďI think something I do, my music or writing or my meditations, is going to rise up in some what and show me something to do with it.Ē Two weeks later I began hosting these classes where we breathe together, I sing a song or two, we talk and then we do a meditation together, using one of mine from my Breathe the Sky collection. I think Iíve never felt more purpose or satisfaction in my purpose than in hosting these gatherings.

As simple as it seems, there are mysteries and gifts and currents of love and light in our breathing. You start to notice that when you begin to practice taking even a few breaths a day where you pause in everything else and pay attention to them. At almost every class, someone talks about the changes and gifts they are experiencing.

Doing these classes is the nudge a I needed to start performing online concerts too. Iím about to do my fourth one, something Iíve thought of doing for years ó a night performing all the songs of Run This Way Forever and telling stories about those times. It was my debut album from 1985. Remember that year? Iíll bet something good happened for you back then.

Iím soon going to expand my online events with a weekend writerís workshop ó and possibly, a weekend songwriterís workshop. If you have any interest in being a part of either of those, be sure and email me to let me know. Then Iíll send you an early alert when I schedule them.

My hope is that in this possibly strangest year of our lives, you have gained something also. I hope the time to feel and be introspective has led you to loving your own life more. And to being more grateful for it. When the entire world grew quiet last year, at first we were restless. I want to GO somewhere! But then we started to enjoy aspects of it. Like quieter roads and skies. 2020 was the greatest year birds have had in our lifetimes. They were joyous and healthier. More eggs hatched and birdies fledged and skies filled with winged messengers. There was definitely a beautiful difference.

I appreciate that you stopped by my website and read this. Thank you. You may always email me if you wish. I will always reply. I hope you are well ó or getting well. And donít forget to be kind to yourself and take some deep breaths every day.

Your friend,
 ~Michael Tomlinson

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