Spring/Summer 2019

continued from home page   The meditation collection Iíd been working on was somewhat disrupted by my move, but Iím slowly getting back to it and feeling like itís going to be better for the things Iíve been through. Anyway, almost everything I do feeds into it because what Iím trying to accomplish is a collection of spoken word meditations that will cause you to want to meditate. I truly believe that will happen if you give it a genuine try. It happened to me quickly and for nearly 5 years it has been a steady and comforting part of my life.

Which brings me to this: I am about to launch a new practice ~ Mentoring Meditation. For years now Iíve been personally and publicly helping people to learn how to meditate and to stay with it. I have a way of meeting you where you are and of describing it in ways that seem doable ó because they are. I will do this in one-on-one sessions by phone and video-phone. If youíre interested in what that can be for you, check back soon and I will have an entire section of my website describing it.

Iím always writing songs too, and starting to put together some concerts here and there. Much of what comes in is not specifically a concert I sought out, but one that comes to me, an offer from somewhere to come and perform. Itís always a mystery where the next one will come from and sometimes none will come for months, then several over a short time. Nobody ever said being a Folkslinger would be boring, and after all these years it still ainít.

To have been able to do this for so long and to hear so often from people around the world that have listened much of that time ó or who even grew up on my music ó itís almost impossible to fathom how that has happened, how my love of sitting around with my guitar and playing, then imagining melodies and lyrics and forming songs turned into a lifetime of sharing love and kindness through music. I am blessed to have been someone who does that.

I thank you for stopping by to visit. You may always email me and I will reply. I know Iím not as active on this page as I used to be ó itís only because I write every single day on facebook. Perhaps you know of that medium as a place to avoid, but if you check out my page youíll see I create my own world there ó much like I do every where. I write humor and memoirs, entertaining fiction and essays on anything that calls to me. And of course, I write often about meditation because something which has brought so much good into my life is something I wish to share with everyone.

I wish you well this summertime. If youíre on my mail list I will send you an email notifying you of any concerts or events near you or any new music.

Donít forget to take some deep breaths every day and to be kind to yourself.

Your friend in breezy springtime, Michael Tomlinson

Your friend in breezy springtime,
 ~Michael Tomlinson


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