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I’VE BEEN WORKING ON AN EXCITING CREATION TO SHARE SOON. It’s a way to expand my writing and creative goodwill in a subscription-based ongoing collection of stories, essays, memoirs and more. If you've read my stories and listened to my music over the years, you know that I truly love writing. I do it almost every day and put my full heart and imagination into it. For over a decade and a-half, almost every day I post some new story or humorous piece on my Facebook page. I don’t think I know of any other person who has posted so much original content there in the many years I’ve been posting. It is certainly because I love doing it. But also, it is because I care about the people who visit, I want to give you something that lightens your day or deepens your experience.

My new "Letters From A Friend" collection will be based on Substack, the wonderful online site which has fostered a great creative way for writers to share their work by way of subscription newsletters. My plan for now is that 24 times a year my entertaining collection of writing, music, art, will arrive in your in-box if you are a subscriber. I'll surprise you with the warmth and soulfulness, humor and beauty and wonder. That is my goal; to give you a package to open up twice a month which will evolve and shift constantly. Sometimes there will be a new song. Sometimes a new meditation you can stream. Gorgeous photos and also contributions by other writers. In fact, I hope what I’m doing will encourage you to write too. At everything I do, my breathing/meditation classes, my concerts, my story writing and workshops, I always hope for you to be inspired to create too. And I hope for you to feel your worth and value and remember that you are here for the beautiful reason that no one else is like you. I’ll tell you much more over the weeks.


I have a partner in the creation of this who I’ve known since 1981. Many of you have gotten to know my long-time friend Barbi Springer. She and her husband live in Evergreen, CO and I stay with them on most of my Colorado trips. Barbi has been helping me with my Zoom events, concerts, classes and workshops for a couple of years now — and has truly made it so much easier for me to put my energy and focus into being present with each event. She will be the editor and in charge of layout and more for “Letters From A Friend”. That is our working title for this ongoing collection of stories and more. I want to create something that you really look forward to receiving each time. The changes of months and seasons and Life will be reflected in what I share. I love the idea of sending you something that touches your heart every time you open up and read.

There will be a smaller version, free to non-subscribers with many of the same pieces. But I hope most will subscribe and I plan to offer many perks throughout the year to subscriber members, so that you will feel you really are getting something that makes your life better. This will include online events, conversations and salons. Subscriptions will also include audio recordings of some of my stories and early listens to songs and exclusive invitations to events. I look forward to sharing these with you.

So thank you for reading this and learning a little about something I’m really excited to share with you later this autumn. I think finally, this is how I’m going to choose what shape my book will take. In fact, you’ll be helping me. I have long wanted to publish a book that included all the kinds of things I love to write. Because that is where the most love is — when we do what we most love. My hope is that a year or year and a-half into this, I will have written and drawn from my collection exactly what I want to go into my book. When we launch later this fall, I’ll announce it here and send out advance notice to everyone on my mail list.


~ Michael Tomlinson

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