Winter 2020

Howdy my friends, we’re in that kind of a lull that happens in mid-winter, after the Holidays. Maybe the snow comes, of course the rain keeps coming, the early darkness is only barely showing signs of movement. I like it. I really love this season. But then, I was thinking a few days ago about how, when I’m in the middle of each season, I don’t never want it to go. I heard someone say, “We’re going to have an early spring,” and I looked around and thought, “I hope not. I want to enjoy a full winter.”

Of course, that’s all kind of silly because we are at the mercy of wildly changing climate and seasons at this time on earth. Still, I love that I’m immersed in each one, whatever comes, and I am in no hurry for the next one to arrive. I was thinking about that when I was reading so many posts on the basefook by folks who couldn’t wait for 2019 to end. Uh-uh. In no hurry for time to pass. That’s one great difference, isn’t it, between being a youngster and someone who has seen many decades pass in life? I’m happy for it all to roll by like cold molasses.