Some Good ol' Friends of Mine
And the Fine Thangs They Do~

The Work of My Friends

I have been blessed with a strong and loving circle of friends in my life. These are a few of them. I like to support what they do and want to bring your attention to some of them and their work and creativity.

I do not trade links with or post links to the hundreds of folks who ask me because there are just too many and I feel it would mean less. So I add links only to people that are good friends or close acquaintances. I hope you enjoy visiting them.

Brian Dina - Start to Finish Website Design
   Webmaster and Web designer of Michael Tomlinson's web site

Rick Grant - Whale Tails Chips
eco-friendly tortilla chips

Jeff LaBow - The Green Brush
   eco-friendly painting

Jay Kenney - Audiologic
   recording studio

Cat Saunders - Dr. Cat's Helping Handbook

Jim Clark - Nature Photography