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For over twenty years I've considered the work I do, my body of work which is recorded, my concerts and various events, to be a sort of cottage industry that I personally shape and steward. Unlike my years with large record companies, I'm just one man writing my songs, recording them and finding ways to share my music in the world. The best possible way for me to be able to continue doing this is to be able to reach out directly to the people who have let me know that they love my music and enjoy my concerts and albums. So to be able to email you and let you know what's happening, concerts or new songs or albums, or to share worthwhile ideas and insights with you now and then, is invaluable to me as an independent artist. It's also more than that, it is a feeling of community.
I hope you'll sign up on my list. Most times you'll get a good laugh out of something I send, and sometimes, you may even feel a little introspective about something I write there. It's my mission to give you something in return for your kindness and generosity in listening to my music. And finally, my list is never shared with anyone else. Your privacy is always honored.
Your friend in breezy Seattle,
      ~Michael Tomlinson
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