Breathing into Your Life
Online on Zoom
Thurs-Jan 27, 2021
6:00pm PST

(Seattle Time)
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In this Breathing into Your Life class I invite you to breathe with me into meditation, I will begin with a song and conversation. Breathing together will relax us and release stress and worry. From that softer space you may be surprised at how moving, and heart and mind opening, this simple practice is. This is not difficult work, no one must breathe in a certain way. We are going for simplicity, developing a practice you can easily begin and continue. But first, it needs to call to you. And that is my purpose, to help you see that there is a reason to do this which will enrich and make more wonderful your life. Iíll help you with all aspects. This is a part of meeting you where you are.

Classes will run approximately 90 minutes and Iíll post new ones as I get a sense of the pace and the needs and interest of those who attend. Iíve been mentoring meditation for individuals for some time now. And I began guiding meditations for groups at my earliest Gathering of Friends retreats back in the mid-90s. Iím so very ready for this and looking forward to sharing this.
In Friendship,  ~Michael Tomlinson

NOTE: to attend, you will need to sign up with Zoom (then, on top-right of that page, click Sign Up, It's Free). They have a free level for those who only attend and do not host zoom events. I will email you your pass code for each event, which you will need to get to our class.  Video on How to Join a Zoom Meeting
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A PERSONAL MESSAGE: During this time of no public concerts, these Zoom Classes are my sole means of livelihood. So I am asking you for a donation; whatever you feel itís worth. If you cannot afford any donation at all, just email me and let me know that ó and that you wish to attend for free. Please include your first/last name and city/state and I will personally get you in for free to one class. ~ MT
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 Breathing into Your Life Meditation
Thurs-Jan 27, 2021
PST (Seattle Time)



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