An Evening of Songs and Stories
for the Thanksgiving Season
Online on Zoom
Sun-Nov 20, 2022
5-to-7pm Pacific (Seattle time)
(or later, I may go long)
I've looked forward all year to this concert. While Iím not currently touring in this crazy world, I am indeed writing and singing songs, performing in my breathing classes on Zoom every week. So Iím ready to windmill some big power chords and bring you all my Thanksgiving Classics.

I set my start time early for the West Coast so that it wouldnít be too late for you folks across the country. ĎCause heck, yall deserve some love and gratitude too.

If you havenít been to one of my online Zoom concerts, I think what will surprise you the most is how intimate and personal they are. My vocal and guitar sound are as good as on stage, and I promise youíve never had better seats. From your big screen tv or computer screen, youíre about three feet from me, podnas. Which means I have to keep a hanky handy, Ďcause yíall can see real good.

Iíll be singing songs from my first album right up through the songs Iíve written recently. I promise you there wonít be a dud in the mix. And as always, there will be stories to go along with them. And lotís of laughter. I know youíve probably had it with laughing, but many of us still prefer it. I really hope youíll join us and tell your friend too.

Your friend in the Thanksgiving wind, Michael
NOTES about audio; I recommend that you connect your computer to your TV. If you donít know how, there are youtube videos that show you how. Just go to YouTube and type in ďHow to connect my computer to TVĒ You can order an HDMI cable or whatever you need from Amazon quite inexpensively.
If you listen on your computer, I highly recommend ear buds or head phones. Also, if there are several of you watching at your house, you can buy a splitter that allows you to plug several sets of head phones at once.
If you have never experienced Zoom, itís free to join and extremely simple. Go too and join up. Then go to my website to register for this event. Iíll email you your link and invitation the day before the show.
Michael Tomlinson
An evening of Songs and Stories of Thanksgiving
Sun-Nov 20 @ 5-7pm Pacific (Seattle time)
Notice: Zoom Link for concert will be emailed to you the day before the show
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