An Evening of Songs and Stories
Celebrating Wintertime, Christmastime
and the Holiday Season
Online on Zoom
Sunday, Dec 19, 2021 5:00pm PST (Seattle time)

Howdy Holidays to you, my friends. This time last year we were all pretty much on lockdown and for quite a few of us, we missed getting to go to Christmas parties and concerts. I keep remembering one of my favorite responses to last yearís Christmas Concert on Zoom. ďDear Michael, you saved Christmas for me this year. We couldnít be with family and friends and it all seemed so dismal until I found out about your concert. What a lovely, friendly, funny, heart warming evening it was!Ē Iím very excited to be notifying you and planning this Holiday Concert from my Living Room. It starts early on the West Coast, at 5pm, so that our friends on the East Coast and all in between donít have to stay up after midnight to watch.

I love playing fall and early winter concerts and Zoom has allowed me to do that in a new way ó that is far more intimate than I ever imagined. The idea came to me because of my online classes on Zoom for Breathing and Meditation Iíve been hosting over this last Thanksgiving and loved it. I truly could not have asked for a more enjoyable, heart opening evening of laughter and good will. Thatís what Iím envisioning this year. We need that. So on Sunday, Dec 19 at 5pm (Seattle Time) I will tell you stories, make you laugh, possibly bring a tear or two to your eyes, and sing beautiful songs all evening. Those of you who may not know my TWO Holiday albums will love what Iíve done with old classics. And half of the songs on each album or my own originals. For many, those albums have become their family favorites this time of year.

HOW TO WATCH and LISTEN   ♦ You can watch on computer, laptop, table, phone or TV. Quite a few folks connected their computer or phone to their big TV and watched as I was practically in their living room.   ♦ If youíre watching on a smaller device, I recommend that you either have speakers hooked up or put in your ear buds or wear headphones. You can buy a splitter that allows you to plug in several sets of headphones so you can share.   ♦ If you donít already know how to hook to your TV, go you and type in ďhow to connect computer/phone to TV.Ē There are simple, clear examples. In most cases, you just need an HDMI cable you can order from Amazon.

However you listen or watch, Iíll be putting my heart into it and speaking to you as if youíre in the front row. In fact, youíll be surprised at how intimate it feels. To you, with my face plastered up close on your screen, it will look like Iím three feet from you and singing only to you the whole time. So donít leave me needing to blow my nose without telling me, okay?

If youíd like to order my Holiday CDs or Downloads. And by the way, you probably didnít know Iíve created a beautiful album of musical spoken word meditations too. Itís called Breathe the Sky and you may order it or any of my many albums right here on my website. I personally sign and fill all the orders. So if youíre buying for a friend, let me know and Iíll make it personal.

I hope to see you at my Christmas Concert on December 19. Itís going to be a lot of fun and feel like one great big sigh we all take together.
Yer olí fren in the sideways rain,
Michael Tomlinson
An evening of Songs and Stories for the Holidays
Sun, Dec 19, 2021 @ 5pm PST (Seattle time)
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