An Evening of Songs and Stories
for the Thanksgiving Season
Online on Zoom
Tuesday Nov 24
7pm to 9:30 PDT (Seattle time)
(or later, I may go long)
Because so many of us cannot group together this year and still stay safe, Iím going to offer up a friendly evening of songs and stories, conversation and laughter, just as if we are all here in my living room by the fire.

This will be fairly small because Iím not sending notice to my full mailing list. While Iíve really learned a lot hosting my Breathing Into Your Life classes on Zoom, I want to grow gradually to larger groups. For five months Iíve been refining my guitar and vocal sounds to where many people have told me that itís some of the best audio theyíve heard on Zoom. Itís just me and my guitar. Iíll be telling you stories about some of the songs and just creating a night to leave us all feeling grateful and kind in a time when those have not always been easy to hold in our hearts.

Perhaps the thing Iíve been most surprised about in my Zoom classes is how very intimate the experience feels. We talk, I sing and we do meditations together as if weíre in the same room, while in fact, there are people around the world there. If youíre new to this, as I tell you stories and sing songs, your view will be closer than if you were in the front row at a concert. Which means I had better blow my nose very well before it starts. You too! Well, not really, I only see you in a small postage stamp of a rectangle, so you can get away with anything. Even wearing jammies. In fact, if you ever wanted to wear jammies to one of my concerts, this is the time.

I only today decided to do this, but Iíve been rehearsing new and old songs for weeks. Iím really looking forward to singing for you and sharing some stories and conversation to lift our spirits during this very unusual Thanksgiving time. I hope youíll join me on November 24.
   Your friend ~Michael

NOTES about audio; I recommend that you connect your computer to your TV. If you donít know how, there are youtube videos that show you how. Just go to YouTube and type in ďHow to connect my computer to TVĒ You can order an HDMI cable or whatever you need from Amazon quite inexpensively.
If you listen on your computer, I highly recommend ear buds or head phones. Also, if there are several of you watching at your house, you can buy a splitter that allows you to plug several sets of head phones at once.
If you have never experienced Zoom, itís free to join and extremely simple. Go too and join up. Then go to my website to register for this event. Iíll email you your link and invitation the day before the show.
Michael Tomlinson
An evening of Songs and Stories of Thanksgiving
Tue-Nov 24 at 7pm PST (Seattle time)
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 from $25
(per household)  --to--  whatever you can afford  
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Please, no refunds. Email me if you
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