TWO OF MY MOST ENJOYABLE DAYS LAST SUMMER were the writing workshops I hosted on Zoom, where folks came from around the US to join me and spend a day working on our Creative Writing ó or at the second event, Creative Songwriting. Both workshops are evolving from last year and I have many new ideas and practices to share with you this year.  
Creative Writing  ~ Sat-July 16 and Sat-July 23, 11am - 4pm
This year Iím making the Creative Writing Workshop a 2-Day series. Please read closely, because it doesnít exclude those who can attend only one day. 
● Anyone may attend Day One (On Sat July 16). It is complete unto itself.
● However, Day Two
(July 23) is an extension of what we explored on Day One. On that 2nd Saturday we will pick up where we left off.
● SO ó if you wish to attend only one day, it must be the July 16th workshop. 

We will talk a-plenty because that is where so much of our inspiration and ideas come from. But we will also be writing and sometimes sharing parts of what we do ó only if you choose to. My intention is to help you to be freer than you have been, to help you trust your own voice and flow with what you write before you even begin to think about editing or changing it. More than anything, I want to help you so love your writing experience that you canít wait to do more of it.
COST: 1-Day $125
(July 16) / 2-Day $225 (July 16 & July 23)

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Masterful Lyrics ~ Sat-Aug 6, 11am - 4pm
This year weíll focus on our lyric writing. I donít know a single songwriter who does not struggle with lyrics. How many almost-wonderful songs have you heard that include a few weak, empty lines that felt like the writer just gave up trying? Letís not do that. I have some new ideas and methods Iím using that can help you explore fresh ways of writing meaningful lyrics to your songs ó and keep you interested as you work. Weíll learn how to start out more freely ó setting aside being critical of our own words ó and with this more casual and fluid approach, once youíve got words on the page, you can start to find the ones that resonate, and then peel away the ones that donít, as you follow the inspired ďaccidentsĒ that come when you are more loose in your approach. The idea is to keep flowing and interested in your song. Itís the only way great lyrics consistently come.

If you know my music, you know I put a huge amount of effort into quality lyrics. I cannot let a song go until the lyrics honor the music and express something meaningful to me. When I find the right words itís a celebration. It feels like creating worlds. I love the feeling of astonishment that comes when I stay with this process until I cannot find a single thing Iíd change. Iím learning new ways to get there and look forward to sharing with you.
COST: $125 (Aug 6)
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Creative Writing
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Sat-July 16, 11am - 4pm 

Creative Writing
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Sat-July 16 --and-- Sat-July 23, 11am - 4pm 

Masterful Lyrics
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Sat-Aug 6, 11am - 4pm

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