An Evening of Songs and Stories
Celebrating Wintertime, Christmastime
and the Holiday Season
Online on Zoom
Sunday, Dec 18, 2022
(Pacific/Seattle time)

Howdy Holidays to you, my friends.

Those of you who have my two Holiday albums, Songs of the Season and Winter Tales, are the ones who talked me into doing a Holiday concert two years ago. Little did I know what I was missing out on all these years. Iím really looking forward to this yearís concert. It starts almost matinee-early on the West Coast, at 5pm. That is so that our friends on the East Coast and all in between can join us.

Iíll be singing mostly songs from my Holiday albums ó there are half originals and half reimagined classics on each album and I think youíll be surprised at what Iíve done with some of the classics. Quite a few folks have told me that these are their new Holiday favorites. I will also play some songs that are from my albums through the years.

Sometimes the Holidays are hard for us emotionally, when there is sadness or loss or loneliness. I want to laugh together and breathe easier and help us all to remember that there is still wonder in this season and in our lives. Iím looking forward to sharing stories with you and whatever comes up in the moment. Mostly, just being together as if youíre all here at my house, sitting around in the living room.

I love singing to you as if youíre in the front row. In fact, youíll be surprised at how intimate it feels. To you, with my face plastered up close on your screen, it will look like Iím six feet from you and singing to only you the whole dang time. So be a real good friend and let me know if I need to blow my nose, okay? Donít leave me hanginí.

Yer olí fren in the sideways rain,

NOTES about audio; I recommend that you connect your computer to your TV. If you donít know how, there are youtube videos that show you how. Just go to YouTube and type in ďHow to connect my computer to TVĒ You can order an HDMI cable or whatever you need from Amazon quite inexpensively.
If you listen on your computer, I highly recommend ear buds or head phones. Also, if there are several of you watching at your house, you can buy a splitter that allows you to plug several sets of head phones at once.
If you have never experienced Zoom, itís free to join and extremely simple. Go too and join up. Then go to my website to register for this event. Iíll email you your link and invitation the day before the show.
Michael Tomlinson
An evening of Songs and Stories for the Holidays
Sun, Dec 18 @ 5pm (Pacific/Seattle time)
Notice: Zoom Link for concert will be emailed to you the day before the show

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