One of my most enjoyable days this year was the writing workshop I hosted last summer on Zoom, where folks came from around the US to spend a day working on our Creative Writing. I truly had not expected to be so deeply moved again and again. I think it was the uniqueness of each personís voice. Almost every time someone read, it brought me to tears.

This autumn Iím hosting another and weíll write together several times that day. In those 20-minute writing sessions, we quietly go to work with a writing prompt and it seems to spark a rare freedom in each person. The results were beyond all expectation.

This gathering is for all levels. While professional writers do sometimes join us, most are people who simply love to write and who see the value in allowing your mind to flow onto the page. This non-competitive gathering is meant to inspire you and spark your creativity and help you to let go and write what comes to mind without censoring yourself as it flows. No one has to read aloud what they write ó but each person may if they wish. I think youíll be surprised at how safe and honored you feel. I hope you join us. And yes, Iíll sing some songs too.
 ~Michael Tomlinson
Writing the Wonders of Your Mind
Sat Oct 22 11-4pm Pacific

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