Thank you for your help! We sold out and raised
over $8,250.00 for direct aid to Ukrainians!Ē 
 I AM HOSTING AN ONLINE CONCERT TO HELP UKRAINIANS. If you participate, by donating to their cause, a copy of your receipt will also be your ticket to my concert. My intention is to bring us together to support the people of Ukraine, both those who have stayed to protect their country and the millions who have been forced into becoming refugees.

HERE IS HOW IT WILL WORK; You give a donation to a worthwhile organization which is helping Ukrainians ó A copy of your receipt will be your ticket to my concert. I hope you will be moved to participate. Do not be shy about whatever amount you are able to give. If $5 is what you can spare, thank you. If you can give more ó please do. Zero funds will go to me or the concert. Iím just grateful that you might participate in this with me.
(please follow closely)

1. Make your donation anytime from March 9 thru April 2 (Donations before March 9 donít count for this concert)
2. Take a screen capture or photo of your receipt showing your name, date, organization you gave to.
3. Email the photo/copy to me at ó the email you use is the one Iíll use to:
4. In your email to me, please include your first/last name, city/state. I will email you back, probably within a day, to confirm that I received it.
5. You MUST participate via E-mail. Not through FB comments, private messaging or texting. By using Email, I will be able to save and keep track of and easily respond to you and send your invitation.
YOUR INVITATION/CODE will be emailed to you the Day Before the Concert. Iím excited to perform this Evening of Songs and Stories to help the people of Ukraine. I trust you to be honest with this process. Thank you for joining me and caring.
   ~ Michael Tomlinson

Choose from these or another that you prefer.
I gave to this org last week after first researching them
  I obtained the below list from the National Public Radio website: