Im so happy to announce my Online Summer Writing Workshops: Creative Writing and Songwriting, and to share with you something that so fills my own heart; the inspiration and crafting, the revelation and insight that comes with writing. It all continues to bring me joy and purpose over decades of my life. I have hosted day-long in-person gatherings based on Writing and on Song Writing for many years. But I have more to share now. And by way of Zoom, you may attend from anywhere in the world. In writing, I have found that I am more connected to my own soulful self. Ideas and sparks of solutions and concepts flow to me freely. The more I write, the more ideas seem to flow freely and delightfully. The intimacy of writing, the quiet of it, allows thoughts and feelings and imagination to flow freely. From that place, I can write about anything. I want to help you find this flow; this ability to write in spontaneous ways, where each sentence may surprise you as you give yourself the freedom to follow your imagination. In both classes Ill sing some songs and for those interested, well breathe to clear our minds and emotions before we write. Both workshops are for all levels and interests.
Creative Writing  ~ Sat-July 17, 10am - 5pm (with breaks & lunch)
While either or both of these workshops can trigger and inspire movement and creation in you, this first one is focused on the many forms of writing for the page or computer screen, of course. While there will be lots of conversation, questions and answers, we will be writing several times during this workshop - in short bursts and at least once, for a longer period of focus. Well occasionally divide into smaller groups and talk about our experiences. Each registrant is invited to email to me before the class a 300 word or less piece for me to read privately and if you wish, offer my thoughts on.  Cost: $160

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Songwriting, Music & Lyrics ~ Sat-Aug 7, 10am - 5pm (with breaks & lunch)
I began writing at twenty years of age. I had no musical training and it would be two years later before I could even play a few chords on guitar. Sill, I wrote and couldnt stop. Songwriting seemed to contain every creativity I wanted to express. Id long thought I might become a painter or a writer. But the discovery of songwriting covered it all for me. To write a song was to paint with brilliant colors and sing stories of pure imagination. Since those days I have written hundreds of songs. More than sixty of them have been played on radio around the world. During my radio interview at a station in Monterey, the interviewer mentioned We have 28 of your songs in regular rotation right now. It was often that way with the more unique and loyal radio stations who played me.

Like many songwriters, I write through playing around on my instrument until something catches my ear. Then maybe a bit of melody lifts off. Finally, the hardest work of all lyrics that are beautiful, intelligent, that flow well with the melody and tell a story I find worth telling. It can be done at a much higher level than you may realize and you can become more masterful as you become more fully yourself and more present with your art. I want you to leave this class excited to write your next songs and feeling that there is a bottomless well of creativity available to you.

Each registrant will be invited to email me a song mp3 or link to ONE song of your own, ahead of the class, which I will be glad to listen to privately and, if you wish, share my thoughts with you.  Cost: $125
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Creative Writing
Sat-July 17, 10am - 5pm 
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