A Special Evening of Songs from
Run This Way Forever
Performing every song
from the album
Online on Zoom
Sun-Apr 18
5-7pm PDT (Seattle time)

Howdy my springtime friends, Iím really excited to present a concert Iíve been imagining for years. The entire evening will be songs from my first album Run This Way Forever: ALL the songs. And stories from that time, the writing of the songs, my friendships and recording, the first year of touring, so many wonderful things happened that gave me a base to build all my lifetime of music and stories on.

Because many of us are staying safe and we still cannot enter each otherís houses, this will be a solo acoustic concert. But really, thatís how it all began, writing these songs, playing my first national tour. Iíll be sharing photos with you of that time, the wild laughter and love I had with my friends. Without them, that album truly would not have come to pass as you know it. The friend who invited me to move to Whitefish, MT to work at Big Mountain Ski Resort, where I wrote Yellow Windows. The friends in Amarillo who first gave me a chance to sing, experienced musicians allowing a non-musician (at the time) to be the singer in our little group. I wrote Asphalt Dream and Raining Away in Amarillo. Waves came from Austin, Texas. I Will Not Pass You By came from a trip to Santa Fe, invited to tag along with a friend from Amarillo. And the rest came from my move to Seattle in 1983. By A Friend, Blue Eyes, No Bad Dreams & Run Like the River Runs among them. Some memorable times Iíll share with you. If there is time, Iíll play a few from other albums at the end.

This will be my fourth online concert since I began the series last Thanksgiving. Itís been heartening, uplifting for me and really, itís been a part of how Iíve survived The Big Pan financially. So Iím very grateful to Zoom for allowing me a space to host my Breathing/Meditation classes and these four concerts. Itís just me in my living room singing to you in yours. Hook me up to the Big Screen if you wish. Lots of people did that for my Christmas concert. But even if youíre just viewing on a laptop or computer screen, a tablet or phone, once you put your ear buds in and hear the richness of the songs, youíll feel like you got the best seat at one of my Live in person concerts.

I set the start time early for us West Coasters. Because I wanted folks across the country to get to view and listen. I hope youíll join us. I put as much heart and focus and love into these as I ever did my in person concerts. I think you may even forget that weíre not in the same room. I hope youíll join us.   Your friend in the wind,
  ~ Michael Tomlinson    Tickets   SOLD OUT

On Zoom, people watch me all different kinds of ways, from laptop to desktop to tablet to phone. Quite a number of folks put me on the big screen tv at my Christmas concert and there I was playing a private concert for them right in their living room. If you want to know how to join Zoom, just type in a search "How To Create a Zoom Account" on youtube. Itís easy.
I Recommend that you have ear buds or headphones handy because it makes a huge difference in the quality of sound. My voice and guitar are richer and the experience more like Iím right there in person in your living room. Thatís the whole idea, to feel connected, to feel close and to remember that we can share hope together, we can share love and kindness and humor and a sense of wonder. Quite a few people told me later, ďYour concert saved Christmas for me this year! It made me feel like I really did get to celebrate and be with people.Ē Which they did, which we all did.
Youíre going to be surprised actually, at how intimate it is. Because while Iíll be seeing several screens filled with tiny pictures of people, youíll see me in a larger view, making it appear as if Iím three feet from you. Please text me if there is anything in my nose. Donít leave a fella hanginí in the breeze like that!    Tickets
Michael Tomlinson
Run This Way Forever
Sun-Apr 18, 5-7pm PDT (Seattle time)
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