A Valentine Evening of Songs & Stories for Everyone and Every Kind of Love
Online on Zoom
Sunday, Feb 14
4:00pm PST (Seattle time)

Howdy my friends, after enjoying two really magical evenings performing online concerts for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Iíve decided to create another concert for Valentineís Day. After all, ainít nobody going out to dinner much these days. So order in! There is no reason you canít smack that pizza aloud as I sing the most intimate of love ballads. Keep the garlic to a minimum, please. Iím sensitive.

And while our tradition always reminds us of Valentine's Day being about Lovers and romance, I have long believed that it can be about sharing all kinds of love in your life. After all friends and family, those we appreciate and wish well, arenít they are our True Loves also?

In the last year of facing so much that is foreign and difficult, we have grown as human beings. Deep down, we are learning to be quieter, kinder, more thoughtful and forgiving. Because that is what quiet can give you, those kinds of revelations. I will be singing songs from my earliest records to the current time. All my songs are love songs and always have been. Maybe Iím loving the rain or a blue winged friend, or a sweetheart or my dad or mom. Maybe Iím loving nature and weather, and changing seasons. Mostly, I am loving Life. And it is my desire to add to yours a kind of beauty and sweetness and wonder that is so much a friend to me.

I set the event early on the West Coast so folks across the country could more easily view it. Iím really looking forward to seeing you and to singing for you and telling you some stories. I hope to see you on Valentineís Day, my friends.    Tickets
    ~ Michael Tomlinson

On Zoom, people watch me all different kinds of ways, from laptop to desktop to tablet to phone. Quite a number of folks put me on the big screen tv at my Christmas concert and there I was playing a private concert for them right in their living room. If you want to know how to join Zoom, just type in a search "How To Create a Zoom Account" on youtube. Itís easy.
I Recommend that you have ear buds or headphones handy because it makes a huge difference in the quality of sound. My voice and guitar are richer and the experience more like Iím right there in person in your living room. Thatís the whole idea, to feel connected, to feel close and to remember that we can share hope together, we can share love and kindness and humor and a sense of wonder. Quite a few people told me later, ďYour concert saved Christmas for me this year! It made me feel like I really did get to celebrate and be with people.Ē Which they did, which we all did.
Youíre going to be surprised actually, at how intimate it is. Because while Iíll be seeing several screens filled with tiny pictures of people, youíll see me in a larger view, making it appear as if Iím three feet from you. Please text me if there is anything in my nose. Donít leave a fella hanginí in the breeze like that!    Tickets
Michael Tomlinson
A Valentine's Concert for Everyone
Sun, Feb 14 at 4pm PST (Seattle time)
Tickets - on a sliding scale
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