Michael Tomlinson in Concert
Sunday, Nov 3, 2019  
An early 7:00pm concert
(doors open 5pm)

Howdy my friends, I知 always excited to be coming back to this great West Coast concert club. Some of the most enjoyable concerts and evenings of my life have happened here. I look out on those beaming faces and have to just stand there grinning for a minute before I can even play. 

I値l be singing songs from my earliest albums to my newest. Telling stories and just enjoying the great visit we have every time I知 there. We値l visit at intermission and then of course, I値l go back onstage and play my really GOOD songs. I hope you can make it.

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NOTE: While I知 in the area, I知 hosting an afternoon Gathering of Friends (in Dana Point) on Sat. Nov 2 from 1-5pm. I do this in various cities where I perform and really loved the one I hosted here last year.   Click here for details and tix~MT



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e-mail: mt@michaeltomlinson.com