Michael Tomlinson's
A Gathering of Friends
Finding a Sense of Peace in the Moment
A one day retreat, Saturday, Oct 13 ~ Noon -to- 6pm
Camp Long in West Seattle
Howdy my friends,

I recently performed a concert at Camp Long, and the experience and people were so enjoyable that it was just the nudge I needed to cause me to decide to host one of my Gathering Of Friends retreats in that beautiful space. Several autumns back quite a few of you came from around the country to Camp Long when I hosted a gathering that early Autumn. Itís such a lovely time of year and Iím looking forward to doing it again this October.

Often there is something personal behind hosting these gatherings, I will feel that there is something in my own life that is really worth sharing and I invite people and talk about it and laugh and I sing some songs, we take breaks and just gravitate towards each other. A group of three or four people may wander back to the shady patio, another group walks down the trail toward the fire pit. Everywhere you look there are small gatherings of people who didnít know each other a few hours before, but who are enjoying the richness of being with people of such good will and friendliness.

About that theme I have been feeling drawn towards; I have now been meditating for four years. It has added depth to my life, removed worry, caused me to like myself and everyone else more. It has made my health better and my feeling of kindness deeper and easier to share. And my creativity, both as an writer/artist but also as a human being, friend and neighbor, has blossomed in ways I am constantly grateful for. Whether you wish to meditate or not, you absolutely can do things that will help you to be more present in the moment ó and more calm and centered in the difficulties we face today. It really is for everyone.

I have never held a gathering that has not opened my own ó and many other peopleís ó hearts and minds. At some point during every Gathering there will be someone in the group who tells a story or shares a memory and we will all be left with goosebumps, maybe our jaws hanging, maybe with tears, often with hilarious laughter. It happens every time. To me, itís the result of bringing people together in good will. When you do that, there will always be the richness of character and vulnerability and trust and kindness. Some people come and want to listen the whole time. Others have things to say. It goes as it goes, but this I promise you ó I do not put people on the spot. I am there to welcome you and to serve you. And we will have a lot of fun along the way.

Camp Long is an old scout camp now run by the city of Seattle. There are trails to wander if you wish ó all of them wheel chair accessible, as is the building itself. Shady trees are everywhere. Benches and interesting nooks are spread throughout the camp and it makes for a nice break if we want to get outside and wander. And if youíre in an inside type of mood, there are always people who stay in the lodge when we take breaks. Wherever you are, youíre going to enjoy the people and space around you.

Weíll all bring our own lunch and Iíll have some drinks and snacks to share. Iíll send you all the info you could want and make it very easy for you to take part if this calls to you. I hope it does. I have a strong feeling that just as my music has done for over 30 years, my sharing about coming into the present moment will help people to love their life more. I canít think of anything Iíd rather do with my life than this.

In Friendship,
Tickets are $150/person
      Please, no refunds.
        If you can't make it, Feel free to give to others and send me their name and email address.

       ~ ~ OR ~ ~
        Order by Mail 
~ email me the day you are sending me a check and Iíll secure your seats. 
         Send checks for $150 each to:  Michael Tomlinson / PO Box 15248 / Seattle, WA 98115

All Tickets will be emailed to you a few days before the event.
Please, no refunds. Feel free to give to others. Just send me their name and email address.