Michael Tomlinson
Concert in Mountain View, CA*
An evening of songs, stories and laughter
Saturday, August 18, 2018, 7:30pm

*about 30 miles from San Francisco
Concert at the Golf Club at Moffett Field

Hey Now! At Long Last!

Feel free to download the above poster, print it out, post on bulletin boards, give to friends, etc
I am so happy to announce that I will be performing in the Bay Area for the first time in probably 20 years. I canít believe Iím saying that, because the area used to be one of my largest followings in the US. This is all happening because the folks at nearby Moffett Field Golf Club wanted to put on a concert with me. So much thanks goes out to them for inviting me. Iíve worked with them before at a beautiful outdoor venue in Sedona and it means a lot to me that one of the main reasons they bring me in for these concerts is because they themselves have loved my music for many years. 

I will really need some help finding some of the people throughout the area who used to come to my concerts. I donít think I had an email list back then, and so many have changed addresses since. For many years ó before radio changed formats in the 90s ó I would play The Great American Theater, the magnificent old time night club called Bimboeís, The Warfield Theater and one of my all time favorite concerts at a venue that is no longer there; the wonderful Paul Masson Winery. Iím recalling The Circle Star Theater and a benefit concert at Mt. Lobo, a wonderful museum concert in Oakland and even a few private concerts in the area. A little further south I used to play in Monterey too, some of my most memorable concerts anywhere. Iíll bet many of you reading this were at at least one of those concerts. And Iím sure people will start hollering out venues Iíve long forgotten. Holler away, podnas. (I canít recall the name of the great concert-club in San Jose)

This concert will be in a lovely outdoor setting, so bring a jacket in case of chilliness. Bring one for me too because I start missing chords when my fingers get cool. At least, that is my excuse. 

I really look forward to seeing you there and visiting and sharing hugs and of course, singing for you and telling stories.  I may possibly do a private concert or two while Iím in California. Nothing is solid but Iíve had some folks show interest. If you have something like that in mind, be sure and get in touch. Iíll offer you a discount while Iím already in the state. mt@michaeltomlinson.com

Please spread the word for me and if you do come to the show, donít leave there without a big hug, okay?

 ~Michael Tomlinson 

Tickets $50 at BrownPaperTickets.com
More information at MoffettGolf.com
For questions, email Concert Coordinator at; gpearce@obsports.com
Or email me at mt@michaeltomlinson.com

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