Michael Tomlinson
A Gathering of Friends
in Amarillo, TX
Sunday, November 5, 2017
at Wildcat Bluff Nature Center Amarillo
All through the 90s and into the early 2000s, I hosted full weekend events called A Gathering of Friends, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. People from all over the US and Europe would come for three days of laughter and music, conversation and good companionship. The theme was always good will, kindness, music, creativity and great fun. I ended those full weekend events but then continued to host these in an afternoon version whenever Iíd perform concerts in Washington, DC, Orlando, Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle. Iím excited to invite my friends in Amarillo to come and spend an afternoon talking and sharing, just enjoying the flow of what comes up.

I always open these with a song and play just a few others throughout the day, sparking conversation and bringing us into a peaceful heartfelt place. There is no agenda but to inspire and share ideas and goodwill. In all the years Iíve hosted these, not once have I gotten to the end without feeling that something profound happened, some story or moment that changed us, made us more grateful to be alive and hopeful about our lives.

One more thing; I never put people on the spot. You will feel as free and comfortable listening silently as you will sharing a story. Itís a very easy, enjoyable gathering and you will feel right at home simply being yourself. I hope youíll join us. ~ Michael

Your friend in breezy Seattle,
 ~Michael Tomlinson 
          email me at mt@michaeltomlinson.com

Tickets for Gathering ~ $45
Advance Only - includes handshake/hug/back slap (your choice)

BUY ONLINE NOW - Iíll email your tickets to you the week of the concert

  Or - Order by Mail 
           Send checks to: Michael Tomlinson / PO Box 15248 / Seattle, WA 98115
            NOTE: email me the very day you are sending me a check and Iíll secure your seats. 

Please, no refunds. Feel free to give to others and send me their email address.
 Click here to see Michael Tomlinsonís Concert in Amarillo
 Note: buy Tickets to BOTH Concert and Gathering, in advance, at the same time, for $70 ($10 discount)

Wildcat Bluff on an undoubtedly warmer day than we will have.