A Gathering for Writers and
Those Who Wish to Write
Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 11am to 6pm
Greater Seattle Area
Cost ~ $110 per person
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I am really looking forward to this day of talking about writing, exploring ideas, sharing experiences and setting forth a vision for ways to more fully express ourselves in writing. This is for any and all levels. I am not teaching anyone how to write, I am inspiring you to write, listening to where you are and what you wish to do. And I am sharing my experience of writing.

I write almost every day of my life. Stories, letters, posts, essays. I just love to write. And what I have come to know in my own life, is that my writing enhances my growing, assists in my evolution as a conscious human and spiritual being. Yes, there are those who seem to have natural gifts in writing. But the more I explore, the more I think that a natural gift for writing is just another aspect of Loving Life, of reveling in the joy of creativity and giving yourself permission to express as you wish. The more I have learned to become immersed in the moment, the better of a writer I have become.

I did one of these Writer’s events two years ago and what I recall — that I did not know would happen — is that every single person who was there told me they felt more inspired and couldn’t wait to write.

For me, it’s not about writing anything in particular. It’s more about the delight and satisfaction of being able to write when you wish to. Very often when I have a thought about something I wish to share, I will sit down and become present with the idea and it just seems that the flow of words starts immediately. And maybe that is one of the keys; that one writes what one is moved to write. That is as natural as leaves rustling when the wind blows. So just feeling what you feel and then breathing with that for a little while, can lead you to the words you wish to express. Simply because you listened first instead of trying to force yourself to write what you think you ought to write.

Whether you simply wish to write notes to friends, posts on social networks, stories for your own joy or even a book, I know I can help you to find ways to feel inspired and motivated and to trust in your own voice. No matter what you think of your “level” or “experience,” just know that if you come, there will be something there for you. And we will be glad you came.

For our Writer’s Gathering, I’ve been offered the use of a lovely facility in a quiet almost-rural setting, about a 25 minute drive from my home in Seattle. It’s very private and comfortable and near woods and trails. I’ll make easy to find. I hope you come to join us on June 24.
      Your friend,
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