Michael Tomlinson's
A Gathering of Friends
Saturday, June 27, 11am to 6pm
at The Loft at the Barn at Carnation Tree Farm
in the beautiful foothills of the Cascades at

Carnation WA - 35 easy minutes from Seattle
A small One-Day Gathering of Friends, focused on Being Present in the Moment. Everything in our lives; our work and play, our communications and relationships, our health, well being and livelihood all benefit from our ability to focus on the present moment. This is where our creativity stems from. It’s where our insights and genius blossom and our soulful knowing about everything that matters to us. The following is a quote from Susan Warm, who came with her son to her first Gathering in April. "Everything, every minute, every feeling I had during the gathering was just perfect. I can't remember a time in my life where I have sat for over 6 hours in a room full of complete strangers and felt so comfortable and at ease. It was amazing how quickly the day flew by.”

Every workshop/retreat/gathering I’ve ever held is really about love. That is at the center. And each one is about our desire as humans to feel a part of something larger than ourselves. That is where I wish to serve. I’ll use my songs to inspire our conversations. There will be lots of laughter and conversation. I will share my insights and if you are moved to, you may wish to share yours. We’ll do a couple of short meditations during the day, and we’ll go outside and walk along the Tolt River to be reminded that we are a part of Nature and that life is richer and more beautiful when we live day to day in that awareness.

This gathering will be small, probably 10 - 25 people. I will likely do a larger one later this year, but because of the space of the venue; The Loft at The Barn in Carnation, I will keep this first event somewhat small. This rustic, restored Loft is where I held a songwriting event a couple of years back and I loved the closeness, the intimacy of the warm, rustic space. Carnation is about 35 minutes from Seattle. If you’ve never been there, you’ll love the country drive, the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, the Tolt River and small family farms of the area.

No one is ever put “on the spot” at my events. I realize that some people will feel moved to speak and share, while others may be happy to just settle in and listen. There are always some who come by themselves, others who come in couples or in groups of friends. Sometimes two or more generations of a family will attend. I love the combinations that surprise me every time. This is what I have seen since my very first Gathering of Friends; the most enjoyable part of your day will likely be some meaningful conversation you have with someone you’ve never met before, as we walk along a path or take a break to casually enjoy each other. If you feel moved to join us, I hope you’ll come.
   ~Michael Tomlinson

Tickets are $125/person -   ORDER ONLINE

  Or - Order by Mail 
           Send checks to: Michael Tomlinson / PO Box 15248 / Seattle, WA 98115
            NOTE: email me the very day you are sending me a check and I’ll secure your seats. 

All Tickets will be emailed to you a few days before the event.
Please, no refunds. But if you find that you cannot attend, you are welcome to give your ticket
to anyone of your choice; just
send me their email address.

Directions to the Barn at Carnation Tree Farms
3861 Tolt Ave, Carnation, WA 98014
  From I-90
  • From I-90 take the Preston-Fall City Exit and continue north to Fall City
  • Cross the Snoqualmie River and turn left on State Route 203 north towards Carnation
    (approximately 5 miles)
  • After you cross the Tolt River, Carnation Tree Farm is on the left, just past the fire station and across from Tolt Middle School.
  • Map to Carnation Tree Farm
  From State Route 520
  • From State Route 520 take the Redmond-Fall City exit
  • Turn right onto State Route 202 and continue for 7.7 miles
  • Turn left on Tolt Hill Road and go to the stop sign at the intersection of State Route 203
  • Turn left and cross the Tolt River. Carnation Tree Farm is on the left, just past the fire station and across from Tolt Middle School
  • Map to Carnation Tree Farm
These directions can also be found at: http://www.carnationtreefarm.com/contact_info.htm