The Way Out West The Way Out West

The Way Out West is the culmination of over twenty years of writing and recording nearly a dozen melodic, meaningful albums. Two years in the making, this shimmering record flows from start to finish with a sense of grace and purpose and compassion. The jazzy pop tunes flow seamlessly into the soft ballads and the ballads into rich Americana and upbeat folk-rock. And somehow they all go together, the melodies and stories seem interconnected, chapters in the same novel. The seasons of life and nature play out in song after song, references to natural elements, weather and wildlife are as much a part of the themes as the stories of love and friendship, hope, loss, joy and sorrow. The musicianship and production are impeccable, quite possibly the best so far. RockTimes of Europe called this album a Top 10 Album of the Year.

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 Album Credits     
Miles Gilderdale
- electric and acoustic guitars
Jay Kenney - keyboards, drum programming, tabla & other stuff
Mike Grigoni - dobro and lap steel guitar
Dan Mohler - bass
Steve Salamunovich - Drums
TJ Morris - percussion
Brian Dina - flute
Jennifer Ivester - vocal harmony
Mitch Corbin - mandolin and banjo
Grant Dermody - harmonica
Paul Elliott - violin
Mike Mattingly - electric guitar (on Flag)
Steve Mostovoy - trumpet
The Big Mooners - Rick Grant, Patricia O'Driscoll, Joie Moring and Bungee Dawg

All songs written and performed by Michael Tomlinson
2008 Canadian Train Music, BMI
Produced by Michael Tomlinson
Recorded and Mixed by Jay Kenney
at Audio Logic Inc. Seattle, WA
Art direction and photography by Patricia O'Driscoll

This record made possible in part by the generous support of the following:
Doug, Marie, Sean & Sierra Hobbins, Dawn McGeddy, Patricia & Robert Bashore,
Jeff Liter, Gregory P. Wilson, Oriental Herb Company, makers of Cold Snap,, Brian A. Thompson, Susan LaPorta, George Bischoff, Conrad Orr at CRO Engineering Group, Inc., Dixie, Devon & Rodney Odell, Michael Bigge, Lynette Turner, Tim & Jackie Martin, Joe Monahan, Trudy Amery, Sparrow

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