The Big Secret     

Tonight I am a little lonely
Thought I was going out on the town
Iím still right here hanging around

Oh sure, I miss you
When the sun is settling down
Sometimes Iím still awake in the dawn

But maybe if Iím lucky
Iíll have a marvelous dream
And Iíll wake up laughing about everything

Will I ever know the way this goes?
Will the big secret ever show?
Eventually, Iíd hope to be a wise old man
But there are just some things you donít rush
And growing old comes soon enough
Iíll be a fool in front of you, oh, I donít mind
Iíll just lay it on the line.

Itís late September
Autumn leaves are tumbling down
They lay all crumpled, blowing around
I walk on, right through
I have always loved that sound
I lose all my problems on this golden ground

I just want to hear you laugh
And let it carry on the wind
I want to feel the shivers on your skin
Every time I breathe
I try to inhale the whole world in
I donít want this memory to ever end

If I ever know the way it goes?
If the big secret ever shows?
Youíll know I finally got to be a wiser man
But there are just some things you donít rush
Like growing old, and falling in love
I was a fool in front of you but I donít mind
I just l
aid it on the line.

© Michael Tomlinson

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