As the Morning Comes
I went outside then I came back in
I wanted to talk to you, donít know where to begin
Sometimes the truth is a whirling thing
And it will elude you on nimble wings
So you have to search and you get real still
And you donít remember but you pray you will
How to let it come up through your heart
Where all good knowing really starts
Out a window the dying sun

Gives rise to wonder, the looming dusk

And every star that will appear
Has shown upon us for all our years
We take a breath then I hold your hand
I know that neither of us really understands
The way this works when the world does spin
And it flings us apart so we both can be born again

And the night blooms thunder and your heart breaks open again
Where we reel in wonder and we toss and tumble
In faith itís all going to turn into rain
To wash us as the morning comes

Early frost on prairie grass
So like magic, show me the past
Where we once stood on frozen plains
So much younger but still the same
And thatís a secret you kids donít know
Your face gets older, your spirit donít
And all this time when youíre looking out
And you feel all the feelings you felt when you started out

And the sun is rising as the morning stars
Start to glimmer and fade
And I know youíre with me wherever you are
I call your name on this day

© Michael Tomlinson

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