Watching the Storm Roll In  (Solo Acoustic)
Imagine that a beautiful summer storm is approaching. You can hear the distant thunder grumbling and growling, veins of lightning streaking the far horizon. The rain starts to fall, steadily and gently upon the trees and grass and ground. It's a hot day but the storm carries a cool breeze, a refreshing change in the summer day and a time to stop everything and pull up a chair on a neighbor's wooden porch, watching the clouds and lightning and listening to the splashing rain fall and drip off the roof above you.

Then a guitar strums and you hear the beginning of a song you've never heard before, a song about passion and breath and the changes in a lifetime.  The song is called As the Morning Comes and it's one of the seven new songs on Watching the Storm Roll In. There are some old favorites too, some new versions, some with vocal improvisations. There's nearly an hour and a half of songs and comments, rain and thunder and well, I even have a glass of ice-tea for you.
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