Still Believe

I see the towers of concrete and not a thing that's green
Below, the coldest snowy ground I've ever seen
I need a breath of clean air, how can a human breathe?
How can we live like this and still believe?

Beyond the frantic city frozen prairie sleeps
Still alive but trailing lonely dreams
We're all standing here like fence posts, torn wire between
How can we live like this and still believe?

I want to live where there's love and emotion
Say what I feel with my eyes wide and open
Dump all the fear in the river, wash it away
Take all the talk we've been using for cover
Out of the dark we can love one another
Dump all the fear in the river wash it away, yeah

Oh then I find myself floating, dreaming
Out on the desert the mountains are gleaming
I feel the sun on the rocks and the warm wind around me
And you are there warm and humming
I see your eyes and you knew I was coming
You say words in your silence I've never spoken

Cold wind on my shoulders, hat down on my ears
Winter night that crawls like seven years
Light spills over laughter, from a tavern it rings
Can we live like this
Hey, can we live like this
Yeah, we can live like this and still believe

We can still believe

©Michael Tomlinson

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