All of your mysteries, I look in your eyes
Why do I need answers to love's surprise?
Fell in love easy, when did we start?
Well I don't know you but I know your heart
I walk beside you, I brush your arm
The sun makes us sleepy like early, early wine
Drinking your kisses, breathing your hair
When I wake from the dream will you still be there?

As love grows
We both know the world has changed
Somehow we've been rearranged
I knew love would come if we just let go
But love like this I've never known
Sunlight will find a way

Moments are passing, shadows on skin
I hear you laughing, will you call me in?
Looking out windows, where is this dream?
Does it feel good to you like love again?
It's a little bit magic, something like smoke
I'm a little bit lonely every time you go
Colors from rainbows scatter like wind
When I wake from the dream will you come again?

©Michael Tomlinson

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