Still Believe was the follow up to the very successful, independently released, Run This Way Forever. The first to be recorded with a national label, it scored a Top 10 Adult Contemporary hit with the song, Dawning On a New Day - which remained at Number 8 for over a month in 1987. This album featured songs in many of the same genres as Run This Way Forever, soft ballads of friendship, upbeat jazzy songs of travel and love, but in part because of the co-production of Daniel Deardorff, it took on a more band-driven, rhythmic feel and a more shimmering quality of production and engineering.

Dawning on a New Day


  Run With Me Lyrics  

Highway Rain


Don't Know When Lyrics  



Let Us Dream Lyrics

Light of Love


So Long Garden Dream Lyrics  
Still Believe


Lover of the World Lyrics  

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