House of Sky  
        The songs on House of Sky have been a big part of my life these last few years, and the recording of them was as rich and enjoyable as any album I’ve ever produced. The fact that I could afford the thousands of dollars it takes to record an album like this can be traced directly to the many people who believed in me enough to help me finance it. My Kickstarter crowd funding effort was a wonderful success. To go into the studio with such a vote of love and confidence seemed to color everything we did. It made me want to offer up many more songs than I’d ever recorded before. But also, it made me want to fill each one with love and good will and joyful creativity. I hope you feel all those things as you listen.
     There are many more liner notes and credits I want to share than I was able to get into the small CD insert. So please read my various links about the musicians, the inspiration behind songs and the list of nearly 600 people who helped me raise the funds necessary to create this. I hope you will want to listen to these songs for a long time and that you’ll discover many gifts in the music and in yourself as you listen. ~ In Friendship, Michael Tomlinson
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Boulevard Rain  Lyrics 
  These Are Heaven  Lyrics  
Wyoming Wind  Lyrics  
You Move Me  Lyrics  
Thanks for the Wind  Lyrics  
Over the Moon  Lyrics  
Daddy O’  Lyrics  
Prairie Dog Moon  Lyrics  
All This Water  Lyrics  
Seeds of Love
(for Jimmy Carter) 
Since You Came  Lyrics  
Winter Ride  Lyrics  
House of Sky  Lyrics  
  My Wayward Friend  Lyrics  
A Good Life  Lyrics  
Breathe It In  Lyrics  
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