Is there a song of mine that means a lot to you - or has meant something special to someone you love? I will record a personal greeting and message for anyone you wish - followed by any song of your choice from my 10-CD catalog.

Let's say that my song, By A Friend, has long been a special song between you and your true love. On a CD including that song, I will record a personal message. You may give me a little background and I will in my own words record a message to your sweetheart or friend and introduce my song. Or you could even write something yourself that you'd like me to say. It works best if you leave me a little freedom so that what I say feels and sounds natural and authentic.

The Personal CD will open with me playing guitar, then introducing myself and talking to your friend or loved one. It will be a warm and friendly greeting which will follow your guidelines or suggestions - followed by a song from one of my CDs, which you choose.

"Hi Sarah, this is Michael Tomlinson just wanderin' around strummin' my guitar. Your husband Jim wrote and told me about the summer you both drove down the west coast and listened to my Face Up in the Rain album along the way. He wanted me to remind you of how much he loves you and can't imagine his life without you - and he asked me to introduce my song, All is Clear, because it has been such a special song to you both over the years. It's one of my favorite too, one I wrote as a young man living in Austin, Texas, when I knew I'd be leaving that beautiful city. I'm happy to know that it's been a good part of your lives together. I wish you both a lovely Valentine's Day, Sarah."

Of course, you may have something very different in mind. If it's a CD for your boss, I'll leave out any references to "can't imagine living life without you", and go more for something like, "wanted you to know that she appreciates what you do and asked me to send you a song she thought might mean a lot to you." In other words, we'll just figure out what you want and I'll do it. That's the handy part of being a free-thinkin' human bean.

For $100 you will receive three CDs:
(1) One CD will contain my personal greeting which I'll record especially for the one you love,
followed by a studio recording of any song of your choice from my 10 CDs.
(2) your choice of any album from my eleven CD catalog - which I will autograph
(3) your choice of an 2nd album from my eleven CD catalog - which I will also autograph

Below are some thoughts to keep in mind when sending
                 suggestions for the greeting I will create for you:

* Your name
* The name of the person you're giving to
* Endearments. Things like: "Your sweetheart John," "your friend Rick."
   Be sure to imagine me saying it, so that it feels natural.
* What song do you want me to introduce?
* Do you want me to mention a special occasion? (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.)
* Is there a memory of a certain time or place you want me to mention?
* Something else you'd like me to say...
(1) ▼ Your suggestions for my greeting.
      (practice aloud what you want me to say, but leave me a little room for personality. I still have one, I swear)
What Album is the song from? (this is important because a number
      of songs are on two albums: one with full band, and the other solo-acoustic
▼ What is the Name of the Song do you want on the Personal-CD? ▼

(2) Pick a Full Music CD

(3) Pick a 2nd Full Music CD
 ▼  You may also order "Regular" CDs below  ▼ 


Album # of CDs     Album # of CDs
The Way Out West CDs  
Calling Me Back to the Wild
Run This Way Forever CDs  
Trace the Sky CDs

Still Believe CDs  
Watching the Storm Roll In
(solo acoustic)
Face Up in the Rain CDs  
Standing in Troublesome Creek
(solo acoustic)
Living Things CDs  
Friendship and Goodwill
At Your House
(solo acoustic)
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Eventually you will end up at PayPal, but you do NOT have to have
a PayPal account. You can pay with your Debit or Credit Card.
If online form does not work for any reason, please email me ~MT
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