How to become a
Hunnert Bucker

(and what that really means)

In addition to my regular CD sales, for folks who want to buy my CDs for friends and family, I offer this 10-CD package at a huge discount. I offer it ONLY for ten CDs of the SAME TITLE. You save $70 off the regular price of 10 CDs, (Getting $170 worth for $100) and I get lots of new folks to hear my music who might not, otherwise. Lots of people over the years have taken advantage of this for their gift lists at Christmas and just as an opportunity to have on hand a number of gifts for giving anytime of the year. Of course, I'll autograph them for all your friends; simply provide me with a list of FIRST names. example:  

        1. Jiminy  2.Buggs  3. Minnie  4. Mickey  --OR--  5. "sign" if you just want me to sign my name 
      I usually write something like:  "To Jiminy, In Friendship ~Michael Tomlinson."


To receive 10 CDs for $100, choose any ONE TITLE  Please, no mixing of CDs for this offer.  For regular orders click here.
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