Summer 2015
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...we surpassed the goal. What a great relief! Because with Kickstarter, if you fall even a dollar short, you do not receive the money and no one is charged for their pledge. To my amazement, people kept backing my rewards even after I crossed the goal line. Every day the total kept rising. I knew many folks around the country and around the world were watching and it seemed that some had held back until the very end, wanting to help me make that final leap. Then just the day before it was to end, one generous soul pledged my highest priced reward; $10,000 to write a song for someone he loves dearly. What a surprise that was. It is the highest reward Kickstarter allows, though most artists do not sell that one. I just put it out there because a close friend said I should. So now, along with working on my album over the next few months, I will be creating this new song for the family who backed that reward.
I want to thank you all for your good will. I know that many could not afford to take part. I completely understand that. I made my rewards as inviting as I could, including some personal investment of myself into each of them. But I knew that it is rare in life for people to take part in such an endeavor and that it would be a great task to get it to succeed. I greatly appreciate those who did pledge, but also, I am grateful to those of you who just held the vision and encouraged me and shared with friends. It all counted. I felt like I was watching a great wonder take shape and I know many of you did too.
Now Iím about to go into the studio, next week in fact, and begin working up my songs with accompaniment. Iím excited about it, but itís also intimidating. Itís a vast task that canít be accomplished until you dive in. So here I go. I will finish it this fall and send it to all the backers first, then make it available to the general public. If youíre not on my email list, please, please get on it. I never sell or share my list. Iíll send you early notice for the new album, upcoming concerts and retreats and other events Iím working on. Just click on the Mail list link on my homepage or send me an email with first/last name, city, state and email address.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here. I really appreciate that you did. 
Your friend in breezy Seattle,

   ~ Michael

     PS, you may email me any olí time at       


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