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Summer 2016

So many people helped me to create this album by being a part of my Kickstarter crowd funding campaign last summer. That was a profoundly moving 60 days. I had no idea how much energy and creativity I would express every day of the campaign. It was emotional and fun and daunting and exhausting all at once. I felt very loved by people cheering me on and sending love and prayers and who took part. You can read about this on my Tribute Page and read the names of those who took part. Just Click Here.

For now, I hope you will listen to the songs and soak them in. Itís a very long album, 70 minutes. Let the melodies and phrases and notes and pauses move you. Like you might allow a cool breeze to flow over you and take in all the freshness of it, I hope you will do something similar with my songs. They are more than songs. There is light there and love. There are insights and reminders. I believe with all my heart that if you listen when you are troubled, you will feel lighter. If you listen when you feel stuck, you will start to open and allow. And when youíre happy and balanced, it will just be more of a celebration of that.

Sharing my music: The more you share word of this album with others, the more you will help me to succeed in spreading it around the world. I hope to find many creative ways to actively promote this album for a year or two. Itís always new to he who has not yet heard it. If I can open doors by getting people to post stories about the songs, testimonials and recommendations, it will start to interest more people. And then you never know what can come. It could open doors for concerts all over the country and the world. It could create opportunities for these songs to be used in Television and Movies, played on radio stations and streamed on Internet stations. The possibilities are endless and that is how I am envisioning it.

Daily Meditation; Something that was a huge part of my recording of this album and writing of many of the songs, was that I have been regularly meditating for a year and a half now. I cannot begin to tell you how much creativity can flow through you when you are in touch with your Soulís Expression. Which is what happens when you quiet your thinking and allow space in your mind for the brilliance of Life Itself to flow through you. I felt like there were sparks happening in these songs, in the lyrics and melodies and in our recording ideas, which came directly from my taking time to move into silence daily.

Also during this time I began to record my own guided meditations. Short ones for my friends, that I feel may help people to get started who are unsure of how to meditate. Iíll be making some of those available in this coming year and making more over time. Please be sure that youíre on my mail list so I can send you notice of these and let you know when Iím doing concerts around the country. Click Here to sign up. By the way, this is private. I never share your information.

Thank you so much for reading this, for visiting my website and for listening to my music. I hope some of you will feel moved to buy copies of House of Sky for friends and family. If you can think of how my music has touched you over time, how it has accompanied you through parts of your life like a good friend, just imagine that you could be responsible for bringing that kind of comfort into someone elseís life. House of Sky is that kind of album.

I wish you much peace in your heart and I hope you are delighted with my songs and the many, many facets and moods of House of Sky. Write me and let me know.

Your friend in breezy Seattle,

~Michael Tomlinson

PS, email me any olí time at mt@michaeltomlinson.com  


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