Winter 2015
continued from home page ... I was absolutely astonished at such real expression, so loving and open hearted and beautiful right up front. I said, “I have a friend who told me long ago, ‘for some reason, I never lost the Divine connection as a child.” The man lit up and said, “That’s good!” Then he turned to write it down. He looked up at me, into my eyes, and said, “Man! You’re wide open! You KNOW, don’t you?” I knew what he meant, but when is the last time a person in a coffee shop ever got so directly and immediately to the point of something real? He reminded me of me, because I often do that. It’s not a stunt, it’s not to impress, it’s just that I share what comes up whenever it comes to me. I can’t be any other way than to really look into a person’s soul when we talk.

His name was Bob and our conversation continued to inspire and delight us both for the entire visit. We talked for over an hour with no one else coming into the restaurant. As I listened to him and shared my own thoughts, I was actually thinking, “This man is a gift from the Universe, a sign of awakening and love.” I have been meditating much more often and let me tell you my friends, the changes in life are extraordinary when you do that. The thousands of anxious thoughts that arise in your mind every day? Almost entirely gone when you take the time to meditate. And the gifts and signs seem to come more and more often, things you cannot deny are actual gestures from Life Itself directly guided to you.

After an hour, Bob’s friend arrived, who he had come to meet. And strangely, a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in two years arrived too. I gave Bob’s friend my seat so they could talk and I moved over to visit with my friend. Thirty or forty minutes later I got up to leave and walked over to Bob. He stood up to shake my hand, this 77 year old man who had inspired me greatly on Christmas morning, and I reached around and gave him a big hug. He did the same with me. I told him he was the best Christmas gift I could have asked for and that I was so grateful we’d met.

As I left there to drive out to Snoqualmie, I was filled with wonder and gratitude and gladness. You just do not know where your next gift will come from in this life. I was telling a friend from California, in another coffee shop today, about this great encounter and how, though I always hug my friends, male and female, I could not ever remember meeting a man in a coffee shop for the first time and knowing there was no way on earth I was leaving there without giving him a big hug. I will remember that for a long time.
 ~ Michael Tomlinson


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