Wintertime 2015-2016
 (continued from Home page) These songs have a quality of love and light in them, gorgeous melodies and rich accompaniment, that make me feel they are overall my best work of my lifetime. I guess thatís the way it should be, but when it happens, itís a great surprise.
Also, in early December I will have completed a year of regular meditations. It has changed my life, taking an hour or more most days to sit quietly and flow into meditation. The changes are subtle in some ways, more of a sense of peace and well being. But at times I see the changes in larger, more obvious ways. I truly believe one of the main reasons my Kickstarter project succeeded, is because of my meditating. Because of meditating, in times of upheaval I have noticed that I come to calmness so much sooner than I would have in the past that it is almost astonishing to me. So I have been able to carry with me a lighter mood and more peaceful essence. Once you start to feel gifts like these, you just like your life better and donít want to stop.

If some of you missed out on my Kickstarter campaign last summer, raising money for my album, I am making some of those rewards available again. You can just go directly through me by CLICKING HERE and order whichever reward appeals to you. I appreciate any and all support and will use the funds to promote this new album and play as many concerts as I can around the country. Your help can make a big difference, as you know how expensive it is to travel.

Iíll have more to write soon, when the record is finished. I just wanted to wish you peace and to thank you for your good will. I hope this coming Christmas Season is a loving and gentle one for you.

Your friend in sunny, but crispy Seattle,

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