Spring into
Summer 2015
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The potential is much greater than with almost anything else I could do right now. However, it will flop without the involvement of those of you who read this and who enjoy my music and writing - and the things I share in my life. 
No one will be letting me down who does not feel drawn to help. Please know that and believe it. I am simply asking for those who feel moved to, to share word of my music and this project with your friends — and perhaps to do it a few times over the 48 days my project will be in motion. There is a psychology involved in seeing the amount raised moving higher over the weeks. Success breeds success. So early involvement is very important — as well as consistent word of mouth and sharing. I will be sending out word several times to my mail list and frequently posting updates here on fb. If I am not deeply committed to this vision, then how could I expect anyone else to be? 

With Kickstarter, if I do not reach my goal amount, I will receive NO money and everyone who has participated by purchasing any rewards will automatically receive a refund of their money. Yes, it’s a gamble for me to go with a system that works this way, but there is also the chance — as has happened with some musicians — that I may greatly exceed my goal. And what that can mean is not only more money to spend in the studio, but more money to promote the album and to support my touring over the next year. My goal is to go out on several small tours and to play cities in all parts of the U.S. Without backing that is very difficult to do, but if I exceed my goal amount, I plan to put the bulk of the money into live performances. I want to go out and play for as many people as I can around the country.
(1) Write an email to your friends and send to everyone on your list. If you have personal experience with my music, my writing, the things I share with the world, writing in your own words about this and sharing it with your friends is extremely helpful to me. 
(2) “Like” my Facebook posts frequently when I am writing about my Kickstarter campaign. And share them often.
(3) Of course, Participating in Purchasing One or More of My Rewards is extremely helpful, that is how I will make this work. I’ll have levels from a few bucks all the way up to the Kickstarter limit of $10,000. There are some very creative rewards that all involve my personal involvement and investment. 
(4) Hold the vision. This is maybe the most important. Even if you never share word or purchase a single reward, will you hold a vision of this succeeding? Imagine it already happening and successful beyond my dreams. The projects that succeed with the most flying colors often receive great press and exposure. That in itself could be invaluable, as once this album is finished, I will need to get word of it out all over the world. 

I'll let you know the exact date - any day now. Unless there is some delay with Kickstarter, I plan to end this campaign on Father’s Day, June 21 at 11pm. I wanted to pick a memorable end time and Father’s Day it is. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind support. When you hear what this album will be, the rich depth of the songs, the contributions of world class musicians from around the world, I know you’ll be proud to have been a part of creating such beauty in a world that needs loving, uplifting music and a message of kindness. All along I have held as my highest goal in planning this project; inspiration. I knew that I would have to inspire people in order to spark their involvement. I believe when you see it, you will feel that.

Your friend,
   ~ Michael Tomlinson


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