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To Meet You Where You Are ~ that is my intention in mentoring you. That means that I do not simply tell you my way of meditating. I listen to you. Our conversation, if we are present and focused, will help me to offer you what you most need in order to bring this comforting, uplifting practice into your life. We will start with where you are — and we’ll proceed at whatever pace you feel comfortable with. There is no pace too gentle to begin with if that is what calls to you.

What the Phone Sessions May Entail ~

Your first session will be approximately 45 minutes in length. Unless you feel you need less time and are ready to hang up and meditate. We will usually talk by phone. If you prefer video phone, I have FaceTime and we can use that. But I recommend that we only do that for a few minutes, then move to phone for the sake of better focus and less distraction. Our talks will be friendly and easy going and comfortable for you. I want to understand how you see meditation and we will speak of that and whatever else comes up. I will share stories of my own process and experiences because I think you’ll find them helpful, inspiring, and mostly, do-able. This is not magic and it’s not for only experts. There are not only some people who can meditate and not others. There are only those who DO and those who DO NOT meditate. I would love for you to be the former.

I will email you a short meditation to begin with — unless you already have something you wish to use. I used Guided Meditations for numerous reasons. First, it helps your patience to know that you’re meditating only for a specific length of time. But also, I have received tremendous help in focusing, bringing gratitude into my experience, and even manifesting what I need in life, by listening to the right guided meditation. I first began five years ago with one-hour and fifteen-minute meditations. Most people are not going to want to do that. If you need five minutes, ten, twenty, I’ll send you what you need to begin with. Always, if any aspect of this seems not right to you, we’ll talk about it and try another path. Everything is flexible with this process. I seek to serve you and help you through the obstacles our own egos place before us in order to keep ourselves from meditating. We can dissolve those obstacles and have richer lives for it.

Successive Sessions will each be approximately 30-minutes long. I’m not going to be staring at the clock. I’m going by what I’ve experienced thus far in helping people to feel inspired to meditate. We don’t want to talk ourselves tired and have no energy for meditating. And we will not typically be meditating over the phone. That would be a waste of the precious opportunity we have to explore the dynamics and facets of this beautiful practice. But if that comes up, we’ll go with it.

You may always email me about your progress, even between sessions. Or if you have questions or anything you wish to share. I will always give you my attention. And even after your last session, you’ll be welcome to email me occasionally if you wish to communicate about your progress. I want this to be personal and friendly and to really work for you.

Thank you for visiting my website and for reading this. If you feel drawn to begin a program of Mentoring Meditation, please purchase a Session Package ~ either Three Sessions or Eight, and I will email you within a day to work out an appropriate time for our first one to begin. Much peace to you.

In Friendship,
   ~Michael Tomlinson
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