Earth Roll On   

I hear your laughter
And I recall the sound
I kind of miss it
And the way it used to float down
Have all the ladies I danced with
Moved away?

I miss your music
And your streets in half light
Oh, I remember hearing blues guitar
At midnight
Every note a muddy river
In the pouring rain

Earth roll on day to day
Love stay long
Never fade away
Don't believe when they say
You can't go home

I cross street
And make way along the sidewalk
Pass two lovers
Unaware they sit and they talk
Every murmur in the night
Is on breathless wings

I saw a woman in my dream
And then I followed
She was nothing like she seemed
She left me hollow
Alone to wander in the night
Like a restless thing

Oh as soon as the sun quits hanging around
And the sultry darkness steals this town
It's then that the whole other world
Comes out to dance

©Michael Tomlinson

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