Live Again  

I used to think I would one day settle down
I don't know what that really means
I'm in a place where the dream
Comes back around
To look me right in the face
I dream of love like it was before but
That kind of love seemed to never stay
Yet it still has a hold on me today

Sometimes I want to lay these troubles down
Turn around and then walk away
But I believe that I know too much now
I can't pretend I'm the same
Some love lives to cut and scrape us
Some love come to help us feel
Some love, so we'll all begin to heal

Whenever I feel alone like this
I lay awake uneasily
I need more than a lover's sweet kiss
Romance will not deliver me
I hear and old and endless song
The words I just keep filling
I keep thinking the love we need
Will live again

There are things when we're young
That we all learn
To grow up and just never ask
How is it that a world that doesn't work
Has ended up on our backs
Sometimes I can see right through this
Sometimes I'm no more than blind
Stumbling in the darkness of my mind

In a world that we don't even
Begin to understand
There's a storm that we're living in
Can we learn to live in trust
Oh I know we must again

©Michael Tomlinson

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