I Knew You Well

In the glow of the street lamp you waited
All the world in your eyes
Like some old photograph worn and dated
All the details were faded
But the moon in your eyes
Did you know you'd hold a place in me?

This was so long ago
How I wonder
Just a dream I recall
From some forgotten place
We were staying
There impatiently waiting
For the winter to thaw

Did we learn too late about love's way
Were we blind in fear
Of our heart's embrace?
Well I hold those years inside the place
We made

In this dark
All my sisters are strangers
I've got nowhere to fall
I am tired
I thought love made a way for us
Not so riddled and dangerous
Now I don't know at all

Oh I'm wondering how
All my boundaries were blended
I watch them come down
All the walls I defended
I can almost smell the clovered hills
In the shadows there we linger still
But I can't replace the time
I knew you well

©Michael Tomlinson

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