You know I hardly ever come here
Cause it's a place I don't feel at home
They say long ago she lost the dream
When her keepers here let it go
I heard many things about her
Before I laid my eyes on her skin
When I first beheld this withered angel
I yearned for what she had been

Oh hey Los Angelenos
I saw your lights from on the hill
Spread out below a diamond blanket
I saw your breast rising still
I never knew you held this vision
Pulsing alive and full of rhyme
I couldn't see the hidden meaning
I guess I was wrong about your dying
Oh I was wrong about your dying
Oh L.A.

It's so easy to be swallowed
In these streets that call out for rain
Let a storm come on uproot us from here
And plant us all once again
Oh her spirits heard me singing
She lead me up the hill in the dark
She unblinded me where I could see
That the angel still has heart

They're like butterflies your healers
And they fill your skies at night
We can listen if we will
Bring us all alive
World arise and fly

©Michael Tomlinson

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