Make It This Way

I follow love
Every time your eyes take me in
Each gentle touch and the way we hug
Keeps me grinning
I wonder what she would say
If we let Love have her way
Oh what a good way to live
I can feel the wind blow right through us

I'm willing to learn how to hold you right
Never to judge you
When two people love they can create light
Whenever they want to
Sometimes I think I'll explode
With all the love I hold
But you need to wait so you'll really know
And I can not blame you

So make it this way
And maybe we'll see
How with this love
What a difference can be
Start out as friends
Never forget
Wherever we go
That's what we'll have left

The sky seems to show
In the way it moves
Things I'm feeling
It's threatening snow
Through a narrow hole
Sun comes streaming
I take these things as a sign
I wish I knew this time
Oh where to go, what to do
How to just get through
Start all over

Can true lovers exit?
Can we really be friends?
Is there something like this
To believe in this world?
True companions in live
So we'll know when it's right
All the love that we give
Every dream that we live

©Michael Tomlinson

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