Winter 2016-2017
Howdy my friends, at this time last year I was deep into the creation of my new album, House of Sky. I enjoyed that recording and the writing and playing and production that went with it, more than any recording project I’ve ever done. Much of that was because so many of you reached out to support me through my Kickstarter campaign, that you gave me the time and money to take as long as I needed to finish it. That album has been out since last summer and I have had such wonderful and passionate response to every song on it. It was my dream to make a record that would make you want to listen like we did in our youth, where we’d give an album our full attention and get lost in it over and over again. I wanted every song to matter, to give you something that would better your life, lift your mood and give you hope and help you feel that the creativity I expressed in writing and recording it came from the same well of love that you too have the ability to drink from.


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