So Alive     Listen
It's the end of the evening All of my friends are leaving
I stand outside as the last warm light falls away
We'll have our memories
It's been a perfect Sunday
But I'm not ready at all to call it a day

I want to lay my body on the ground and listen
I want to close my eyes and trust my inner visions
And when I wake up early in the morning shivering
I'll be alive

I am slowly drifting
I've got a real good feeling
As I lay down in the gentle arms of the ground
You can take my worries
Cause I no longer need them
With so much moonlight
The healing glow all around

So Alive and I did not know it
I thought I'd already found the way
But there’s more to my life than I can say
Some kind of a shell I've broken
Blew apart in the wind of change
Now I'm willing to trust this world again

Feel so alive with every breath
I want to love my life
And not fear my death
And not forget

©Michael Tomlinson


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